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Comment His Dark Materials (Score 1) 410

...was a good read. At first. But somewhere toward the end of Book two it started climbing up its own ass. Book Three was a mess, too many Important Points to be made, not enough story to hang it on, and the allegory and archetypes got all hosed up. I liked the first movie they made of the series, but I was really afraid of how they would handle that last part, seeing as even the author of the book himself never got a good grip on it. ;)

Comment Re:"Accidentally" (Score 1) 455

Machine vision come into play. One cop with a camera is no big deal. 1000 cops with cameras is a logistics nightmare, but still workable. 1000 cameras all linked to facial recognition, license plate recognition, wants and warrants databases, and so on become a powerful tool for tracking and detaining "undesirables" in a fairly large region.

Comment Re:Take it Private (Score 1) 113

Wiki needs to be purchased.

And the idiot knee-jerk reaction strikes again. *GONG*

Wikipedia, and the Mediawiki Foundation, ARE private. Private, not-for-profit corporations that are not state or public agencies of any kind. They have paid staff that do actual work to make the wiki better too. The "magic of contracts" has nothing to do with any of this.

If you're going to spout some half-baked ideology, at least try to understand it.

Comment Re:It's not that much (Score 1) 442

The Simpsons cast has been pulling this down (and more, now) for quite some time. And the main cast of Friends did too, for a shorter time, but still. the main thing they both had going for them was they stuck together. It is an ensemble cast, and the cast negotiated as a unit. "Take all six of us, and pay us all he big bux, or we all six walk".

Comment Re:TOR vulnerable to timing analysis (Score 1) 52

Because TOR is designed as a low latency network, it is vulnerable to a timing analysis attack... Man, TOR has some big issues it seems..

So you're saying that because a theoretical attack method MIGHT be plausible, then a real world compromise MUST be in progress right now. Damn, too bad all those people on the Tor Project never thought to consider a Crypto 101 attack (I even saw it in a Hollywood movie). They could have saved themselves decades of work. Brilliant analysis!

Comment Re:Actually it's both. (Score 4, Informative) 360

No. A water column height is proportional to temperature and pressure. Under standard conditions, you can get a column about 32 feet long before the water breaks to form a void. It is called cavitation, but in effect it is a local boiling effect. Boiling is when the vapor pressure of the water is at or above the local atmospheric pressure. Water vapor bubbles jump out of the water liquid. If that happened in the siphon tube, it would break the siphon, but again, the column would have to be pretty long before it happened

Comment Re:Actually it's both. (Score 1) 360

The fluid in the siphon moves due to the relative differences in weight in the two siphon columns. The longer, heavier fluid column falls; the shorter, lighter fluid column is dragged up and over the top then falls in turn. You could see a similar thing with a chain or rope over the top of a pulley. The whole thing is driven by gravity.

Comment Re:How do we address the weaknesses of Open Source (Score 1) 129

More to the point, how do you reply to the criticism and practice that Open Source is worthless because there is no company to back it? I run into this all the time. First, no one stop shop to get tech support from if we have trouble.
Second, No company to go after for liability
And Third, no company to maintain regular bugfixes and general currency and freshness.

We don't have a policy against Open Source, we just have a standard the vast majority of (perfectly adequate) software can never meet

Comment Teach the students what a library is (Score 4, Insightful) 231

The students presumably want to learn things. If they don't they will only go there if forced. So, first, you show them what a library is and how it is used to access information. The staff, catalog, the stacks, how to request materials, and most important What They Can Find in the Books (and recordings and videos, etc). Once they see it as a living tool that they know how to use, they will tell You how it should be better set up.

Comment Kindle (Score 1) 418

Every time I am tempted to buy a Kindle (like around Christmas season, for example), Amazon pulls this crap. Yes I know it was Disney the publisher that made the big decision. But the money went to Amazon as the provider to me. And if they retain the right to pull back anything I've already purchased, then I don't need to give them my money. And this isn't the first time. It may be rare, but so what? I wouldn't tolerate a bookstore coming to my home and pulling books off my shelves either.

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