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Comment Re:What was broken about FM radio? (Score 1) 183

FM is an extremely wasteful way to encode signals intended for human ears. It would take a very incompetent set of engineers to come up with a digital standard worse than FM. Alas, they succeeded in doing just that and saddled us with DAB.

DAB+ is a reasonably decent if not exactly cutting edge implementation of digital radio though. If you spent a comparable amount of money on making a DAB+ network like what was spent on the FM network over the years, you would get flawless reception and wonderful sound for the same amount of channels.

What happens instead is that DAB+ is underfunded and the bandwidth overcrowded with way too many stations. Many of them have to even fake stereo! The signal cuts out way too often because the transmission power is so much lower.

Just say screw it and stream. But who has a car radio for streaming that is as easy to use as the FM ones are?

Comment Right conclusion but wrong reasoning (Score 4, Insightful) 264

The fundamental problem with BitCoin is not its volatility. The volatility will eventually go away if the underlying technology turns out to be sound.

The fundamental problem with BitCoin is that the number of transactions it can handle is orders of magnitude below what is necessary for a reasonably liquid currency with a total value in the billions of dollars. As it is, BitCoin only works as long as most of that money either sits still or moves around in huge transactions of at least thousands of dollars at a time.

It is entirely possible that the problems get solved. However, a quadrupling like BitCoin Cash has done is just nowhere near orders of magnitude improvement.

Comment Re:I have no problem with systemd (Score 1) 751

Here we go again with all the insinuations and accusations. The /etc/fstab was correct with the old init. It was incorrect with systemd. Therefore no amount of mount -a would have helped.

"So, you were relying on bugs to boot your systems?"

Have you stopped beating your mother when she tells you to come out of your basement?

Comment Re:I have no problem with systemd (Score 1) 751

It did not fail to a recovery shell after being left overnight.

And a generic recovery disk can obviously have journalctl installed. It just didn't. Which meant I had to mess with PXE and all that again.

Nothing pertinent to the error was logged. Feel free to not believe it.

Your attitude is part of why systemd is so reviled.

Comment Re:I have no problem with systemd (Score 5, Insightful) 751

systemd fails silently if something is wrong in /etc/fstab. It just doesn't finish booting. Which is moderately annoying if you have access to the system console and you can guess that an unchanged /etc/fstab from before systemd that worked for a while with systemd is now suddenly toxic

If you do not have easy access to the system console or you are not blessed with divine inspiration, that is quite a bit more than annoying. Thanks to the binary log files you cannot even boot something random and read the logs, but at least you aren't missing anything, because nothing pertinent to the error is logged anyway.

The problem is that one camp won't admit that old init is a pile of shit from the 80's whose only virtue is that the stench has faded over time, and the other camp won't admit that their new shiny toy needs to be understandable and debuggable.

A proper init system needs dependencies and service monitoring. init + monit does not cut it today. Systemd does that bit rather impressively well. It's just terrible at actually booting the system, all the early boot stuff that you could depend on old init to get right every time, or at least spit out aggressive messages about why it failed.

Comment Re: Is the "greenification" the real reason? (Score 1) 146

62% of the lower heating value or net calorific value. Counting like that allows modern power plants to reach combined efficiencies over 100% when they do district heating as well.

However, it is still a really good value even if I think it is cheating. Only fuel cells are likely to do significantly better, and they are not really viable yet. Maybe they will never be viable.

Comment Re:The fraud being perpetrated. (Score 1) 461

Yes. That is what an economic crisis IS. The economy produces less actual stuff, so obviously you get to have less than before. If you feel entitled to still have as much as you did before, well, feel free to feel cheated.

However, it is not the fiction of money that took that away from you. It is the reality of lower production.

Comment Re:Potential of circumvention = protection of righ (Score 3, Interesting) 461

The amount of bitcoin being used as a currency is diminishingly small, the vast majority is being held by speculators.

If anyone is doubting this statement:

Bitcoin is stuck at less than 10 transactions per second. Total value of all bitcoins is somewhere close to 200 billion USD. This makes Bitcoin practically useless for actual transactions. The ratio of transaction capacity to value just isn't there -- it only works if most of the money sits still the vast majority of the time.

Comment Re:The fraud being perpetrated. (Score 1) 461

Those 4 trillion made-up dollars (assuming that figure is correct, I haven't checked) were far less than the amount of made-up dollars destroyed when private banks and investment houses failed or got close to failing.

People love to complain about quantitative easing, but they have no idea how most money is ACTUALLY created and destroyed.

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