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Comment Re:Would be great... if it worked (Score 4, Interesting) 187

In my experience, the bus is never on time. However, because I am in a city, it tends to run every 10-15 minutes, so missing one bus isn't that big of a deal. Google has been nice for helping me get places in which I didn't know how or if I needed to transfer. It will give you directions such as "Ride bus 1 to this street, walk a block, then wait for bus 2". It has simplified the Public Transit process about as much as Mapquest* simplified getting from point A to point B in your car (before GPS was common). Sure, it can have errors, but more often than not, it's good.

Comment The gateway experiment. (Score 1) 138

Interestingly enough, many of these students may never have attempted to steal a laptop because of the legal consequences. Now that they were given permission to become comfortable with the idea, it is more possible that one of them would be inclined to steal a laptop at a later point. After all, they now know how to get past security (assuming nothing is beefed up after the experiment).

Comment Re:One could, and one would be wrong (Score 1) 307

My comment was meant to be more entertaining than anything else. Growing up, my parents used to tell me that I wasn't really "driving" because I had power steering, power breaks, and an automatic transmission. You know, the whole "back in my day...." commentary. ;) Though, I will say that many manuals now have a lock that prevents you from shifting into reverse while moving forward.

Comment Other medical applications. (Score 1) 236

I wonder how many medical procedures this could speed up across the board. If I recall correctly, most of the initial recovery time for an ACL knee injury is waiting for the bone to grow/fuse around the replaced ligament; until this starts to happen, one can't start to in-depth PT process. Could this even speed up recovery for patients who have had joint replacements by allowing the bone to fuse around the prosthesis quicker? Recovery for these surgeries would still be several months (opposed to 6 months to 1 year), but the joints would be much stronger during what is considered the "delicate" portion of recovery.

Comment Uhm.. no? (Score 1) 698

Most of the hearing aids I know of costs from $1100-$3000. Not to say this isn't overpriced, but the article makes hearing aid prices seem much more sensational than they really are. This price range is for the BTE (behind the ear) models- not the super hidden in the canal models. Of course, your desire to hear is more important than your desire to be fashionable, right? People hardly notice BTE aids anyway. I've cycled through several BTE hearing aids in the last 10 years (due to loss or damage); all of them were prescribed by an audiologist. My most recent one, which is two years old, cost $1700.

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