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Submission + - Google Chrome SSL Certificate problems (

Torontoman writes: It seems like the recent pushed upgrade to Google Chrome has caused problems to anyone trying to get onto websites using SSL if they're running Windows 7. This would be Facebook and Gmail and Hotmail (among other sites). Ironically to see any progress on a fix, one has to switch over to another browser to read and post on the Google forums.

Comment Re:I don't get it -- what's in it for Google? (Score 5, Insightful) 179

They make money by driving people into their product and disrupting other companies. It's awesome really how disruptive Google is to competitors. They're making a larger argument for getting rid of a landline and even in time a voice plan... hell... if wi-fi is available you don't even need a data plan just a tablet or laptop with wifi. Voila - free phone calls and you're even more in love with Google. It's a very disruptive scenario they've sprung on the telcos today. By increasing reliability and acquiring more behaviour from you - they know everything you do in another aspect of your life. It's easy with that info to target you with ads, or sell a connection with you to a company. **prediction** - this will interface with Google streetview some day. You'll be able to simply 'walk' down a street and click on a house or company to call. There goes all phone book / yellow pages cos. Businesses will be buying the virtual real estate on Streetview. GPS - Geolocation - you'll be able to simply ask your phone "Where is the closest (insert store here) and it'll dial that phone number for you.

Comment Re:Important to note... (Score 1) 281

The ONLY reason for this is lack of competition. Hands down. Look at areas/countries with more competition - and the rates are cheaper. Gee what has happened since the 3 (or so) upstarts starting entering the mobile market- Rogers and Bell fought in court, when that didn't work (surprisingly - since it's been about the ONLY time the CRTC/Gov't allowed one for the 'little guy') - they started dropping rates and are in the process of introducing new cheaper lines of products - to essentially squeeze them out at the starting gate - but these new lines are of course only in the markets served by the startups. They're bastards. I for one with the CDN gov't would allow pure competition, fiercely fight back the Bells and Rogers attempts to thwart competition, allow foreign ownership at any level, and while they're at it - let me select a la carte tv channels so I don't have to pay for 5 foreign language channels and the 25 other channels I don't want just to watch the 5 channels I do watch. Torontoman.

Comment Slashdotters we have to remember.... (Score 1) 1010

All shortcomings aside with the Ipad... It is designed for the masses. It's slick 'to them' and will sell like crazy. Your average person doesn't care how it works just as long as it works.

And in reality Apple is truly gearing up to sell a lot of TV shows over the Ipad... It will be a new TV watching experience.


Comment I'd love an "@" key. (Score 1) 806

This occurred to me last night when I was eating and typing one handed on my laptop whilst driving down the highway. (OK Not really)

An "@" key would be nice. we use it dozens of times per day and more than most of the letters on the keyboard and certainly more than all the punctuation. It's a needed key - why not put it on and get rid of the need to hold shift down to do so.

Comment The LED Christmas Lights are amazing (Score 1) 710

I'll be a convert in year 2 of this move to LEDs in the household. (whem competition brings the prices down)

I've been waiting for this day.

After Christmas a few years back I bought a pile of the LED Christmas lights (Sale...) and life got easy. No more dicking around with broken bulbs, burnouts, Testing, heat, blah blah. They're interior / exterior and bulletproof. The wires will probably disintegrate before the bulbs.

I can see gradually converting the house over to these new LED house lights in time (All at once would cost me over $1,000 at starting prices). I see the long term payoff but really who had $1K sitting around to buy lightbulbs. Starting with my exterior front door light which we keep on all night.

Overall this is a wonderful change. Can't wait!

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