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Comment Re:thermoplastic construction (Score 3, Interesting) 51

I agree it brings promise for that, but a mighty LOL if you think they'll bring down the prices once the switch is made...

"Unfortunately, this time- and material-saving process is highly innovative and thus requires a great investment in 3D printers and intellectual property* that will bring prices up 'temporarily'," says the spokesmen for the automakers, insurance companies, and auto-repair shops today. The reps were confirmed to be making a so-called "air quote" gesture before "temporarily", followed by muffled giggles among themselves after.

*You don't really think someone won't try to add a wonderful 3D-Print-My-Parts insurance fee, or patent the specific process of 3D printing a car part, d'ya? Especially for each specific trademarked shape? "We've only just beguuuuun..."

Comment Re:UEFI? (Score 1) 126

since it is Windows 8 it has the option to turn SecureBoot off, for fuck sake even Microsoft's own device, the Surface Pro, allows SecureBoot to be turned off

We don't know if it's an ARM system, which (unlike intel ones, like the Surface Pro--buyers, look carefully for that "Pro") do have the Restricted Boot bug.

but like the issue of UEFI we do have a pretty good idea about it

Given the above, and that Microsoft can even dictate which archs can turn off Secure Boot and which cannot in the first we don't. Have they signed a contract to not change their mind? (Remember, IE10 Metro went from plugin-free--"yay, no more Flash!", said many--to one of the browsers with its own Adobe Flash--"wha!?", the many wondered.)

Comment Re:They already do (Score 2) 123

Pretty much. At the extreme, "offer walls" basically offer Joe and Jane in-game currencies or other bonuses (depending on where used), if they are willing to pick a sponsor's ad(s) on it and watch videos, give their address and email and phone-#, take surveys...

So yeah, you can already get a slice of the pie. Just don't expect a substantial one unless you really like the service you find those ads on (you probably won't get much actual cash for them), and do expect to feel dirty and less secure-in-privacy for it.

Comment Re:Attention - Young Turks (Score 2, Informative) 78

At the very least, Erdogan's Pave-A-Park Plan is incredibly tacky. It demonstrates everything wrong with an oblivious and uncompassionate government, in orange-juice-concentrate form. I mean, replace a nice park with a historical symbol of war (as if we should remind ourselves to be perpetually on such footing)...and then put mall...inside...?


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