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Comment My experience (Score 1) 891

It was the constant crashing, the buggy feeling, So many problems with the drivers I really don't want to think about it. To get the computer to behave somewhat like I wanted I had to install extra software that were even more buggy with lots of annoying pop-ups. It felt very amateurish and slow, very very slow. So finally I decided to dump that crap Windows and install Slackware.

In the beginning it was a challenge, there was no gui and i didn't know any commands at all. "dir","c:", "help" all failed. I started typing random things and pressing buttons. "" was a great accident, there was a list of commands! I tried them all, started from the top. It was hard and frustrating but in the same time rewarding and exciting, uncharted territory! I had had enough of Windows so going back was not an option, at least not then. I have since tried Windows on a couple of occasions and it is like it always was. Even a clean installations is on its knees when you do just one or tho things at the same time. The gui is cluttered and the command line is horrible. That is just besides the lousy security and persistent buggyness. It feels so good it is physical to sit down in front of my Gentoo box, I'm in control again!

That was you meant, right?

Comment Re:I don't understand (Score 1) 311

That is just plain wrong.
In my country we have cheap, fast broadband with no caps at all (only some form of caps on cellular internet). We have several large companies providing internet and they survive just fine. At my last place I lived we had 100/10 Mbit and at times I maxed it 24/7, for days. Cost $40/month. The only time I have ever heard an ISP complain was when internet traffic made a big dip when we got a new law helping the likes of MPAA. People got a bit scared and cut down on downloading. This ISP reasoned that if people use less bandwith they may settle for slower speeds paying less. This makes the ISPs' profits go down.

Comment Re:First Laugh (Score 1) 508

I like to talk to pretty but insecure girls on online communities, making them think I'm their friend but in reality I manipulate them to feel that they are worthless. Then I give them confirmation when they do what I want if you catch my drift.. This of course in no way makes me a "bad" person, I'm only doing this for my own gain like everybody else. At least I'm genuine. /S

Comment Re:debate rules (Score 1) 197

Considering the only people motivated enough to participate in such an apparent flame-fest are going to the people who lives in the illusion that their favorite language really is the best. Therefore if they can only come up with good enough arguments the others will finally understand and be enlightened. Of course they will be frustrated when the others don't listen properly and instead tries to argue for their painfully sub-standard choice. So in more and more desperate attempts to break through they will use increasingly more provocative arguments quickly deteriorating the whole mess in minutes. They wont last an hour.

Comment Re:The real question (Score 2, Informative) 453

If you define looking at the pretty pictures as "reading" then sure I did! ;)

Of course it is very small, even as a production car it is unfair to compare it to a regular multi-seated car. This is more of a personal vehicle, it has a different use. What it does show is possibility. It is possible to build an extremely efficient car if you put your mind to it. A smart car sized version would probably not get the same mileage but if it got even close, that would be fantastic!

I, and many others live in a city where parking space is expensive and hard to find. If there was cars like this we could have miniature parking spaces, maybe even put the cars standing up. In the same space for one normal car you can park four or five like this. I don't really need a bigger car for almost any trip. If it had place for two then it would cover 99% of my needs, the rest i can rent a car or borrow one for. It is much cheaper than to pay a lot of money for parking, gas and of course finding space for it.

It is time for small cheap cars. In cities and in developing countries they WILL sell like crazy soon.

Comment Re:The real question (Score 4, Informative) 453

We don't have that problem in Europe, especially in the richer countries. In Holland it is very popular with cars in sizes from smart cars and a bit larger. Then again fuel here cost about $6.5/gallon. And even while driving much smaller cars than north Americans do we still have less people killed in traffic here in Europe. You are doing something wrong.

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