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Open Source

Myst Online: Uru Live Returns As Free-To-Play 58

agrif writes "Shorah b'shemtee! Uru Live has been released for free, as a first step towards opening its source. This game, an MMO released by the makers of Myst and Riven in 2003, has been canceled, zombified, resurrected, canceled again, and is now about to be released as open source to its dedicated fan base. Massively has written a brief newbie guide if you're unfamiliar with the game."

Man Fined $1.5 Million For Leaked Mario Game 287

An anonymous reader writes "A Queensland man will have to pay Nintendo $1.5 million in damages after illegally copying and uploading one of its recent games to the internet ahead of its release, the gaming giant says. Nintendo said the loss was caused when James Burt made New Super Mario Bros Wii available for illegal download a week ahead of its official Australian release in November of last year. Nintendo applied for and was granted a search order by the Federal Court, forcing Burt to disclose the whereabouts of all his computers, disks and electronic storage devices in November. He was also ordered to allow access, including passwords, to his social networking sites, email accounts and websites."

Comment Re:Not Recycling (Score 1) 315

They don't repurpose the bottles, they remake them into other items using energy to do this. Recycling plastics is not a zero energy proposal. People don't seem to mind using the energy in exchange for not putting them in landfills. if you thought there were a bunch of mayans with bottle washers cleaning them with cold water and filling them back up with all natural spring water, your gonna be disappointed.

Comment Re:Let's not let facts get in our way (Score 1) 304

Actually macs are just not attractive targets by virus and malware writers, its just too small a target. So we mac users simply don't have to worry about it. I mean seriously why take over a few million macs and have them as your legion of doom, when you can pwn a few billion windows boxes with ASLR security technology?

Comment Re:30k Ringtones (Score 1) 521

My kids have the LG Xenon and the price for ringtones is $2.49! Zoinks! The whole idea of repaying for songs you already have, for a second purpose is utterly ridiculous. I've made my own mp3's rips that I like to use as notifiers ie ringtones or text notification etc, or sounds like my daughter's cry as a baby. No reason I need to be paying for that and no reason I shouldn't be able to use it. In my mind they are taking advantage of children and teen wonderlust ie the record companies. Now if its your company and you're using the rolling stones to make your company seem hip and cool to the 50 somethings out there then I think you should pay the man, but if you're just a kid who wants to use it on his answering machine or phone then I would like the tell the RIAA, MPAA, Apple, ATT, Verizon, and all the others to SUCK IT and let the creativity grow and fund your intellectual property virally. The corporations are always looking at what the kids are doing and trying to be hip and cool, you can get your money from them. I own the iphone and have lots of my own ringtones that I don't use. ;)

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