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Comment Re:Still needs more research (Score 1) 398

If this is true, that the pesticide is so powerful, then bees all over do not stand a chance at all, as we have no means of controlling anything we release into the environment in such small quantities. Here's hoping that bees will develop a resistance to this particular pesticide, as all pests eventually do.

Comment Why use virtual desktops? (Score 1) 359

I'd like to know why people use virtual desktops? Increasingly I'm finding that the maximum number of windows I need to shuttle back and forth is 2, so I snap one to the left, and the other to the right, and keep it that way. I never expect my desktop to retain the same layout, and usually don't have difficulty finding the window that I want.


Submission + - Microsoft On-site Audit

initialE writes: Recently, Microsoft has initiated a full on-site audit of all software assets for my company and related subsidiaries. As we have never been required to do this before (previous audits were not so in-depth or thorough) I'd like to know if this is a new initiative on their part, and if so, what are people's experiences, good or bad, with their consultants. Please note this is not a BSA audit initiated by a whistleblower, but one based on the rights we have apparently agreed upon when entering a select agreement.

Comment One thing i never understood (Score 1, Interesting) 130

Have you seen the design of a kinect? An up-down motor that runs once per power cycle and really only needs to be realigned when it is moved to a different position. Sensors 7cm apart that are housed in a 30cm frame of cheap tacky plastic, leading to a much bigger shipping box than necessary.. The kinect should be cheaper and smaller than it is now, what on earth is in all the empty space anyway?

Comment Next up, google apps? (Score 1) 197

Godaddy is the current registrar used when signing up for apps for business. Google provides a clean interface that automates most of the tasks, and takes no money either (although they do get you to open a checkout account to process purchases fm godaddy). Wonder if they are working on a switch?

Comment Re:Also (Score 2) 865

Have you seen the box office numbers for this holiday season?

Mission Impossible 4, Sherlock Holmes 2 and Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 did well at the Christmas box office in the U.S., while Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and Tintin both bombed.

We are negatively reinforcing this behavior

Comment Re:This is good news! (Score 2) 133

The moment their masters find out what they gave away instead of selling (it doesn't take a lot of persuasion if you know the correct marketing speak) you're going to see a lot of corporate turnover. That's why, even though you're not Sony, as long as you have to answer to them, the taint will get to your product sooner or later. And that's a good reason to avoid buying anything attached to their brand.

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