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Submission + - AntiPack - Get your videos working without destroy (missingremote.com)

shadymg writes: "AntiPack is intended to be part guide and part installer; hopefully making it easy enough for everyone to understand what they are doing, and provide an excellent/easy end user experience at the same time. Most important it is based on the filters I use on my system. Most are almost completly stock (with some changes to merit to reduce the arms-race nature of many OSS filters) but some I have customized to fix issues or to make them play nice with other filters."
GNU is Not Unix

Submission + - Apple says you can't have freedom.. As said by FSF

penguinewing writes: ""Apple seems to have missed that last part — just like you can do on any other computer and many other cell phones already. Instead, they claim that users removing the DRM system are criminals, who should be prosecuted. They say that if you can modify your own phone — as in, if you install an application from anyone but Apple — you might deliberately bring down the whole cell network or make anonymous phone calls to arrange drug deals. You might also break your phone." Link to Article"

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