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Comment Re:Wait a second there hypocritical one.. (Score 1) 1218

It's okay to teach evolution even though we have absolutely no samples of evolution of a species, only variations in species, but we can't teach alternative theories? ....Teach them the Scientific method, and you will teach them to try and prove their answers rationally instead of just repeating what people tell them (which often turns out to be untrue).

Alternative theories is fine. Creationism is not a valid scientific theory. You cannot use the scientific method to disprove creationism. If you want to teach a theory that can be disproved by the scientific method, go ahead and teach it. But it needs to be a proper theory as well, as-in the scientific community takes it as a theory. Not some "idea" that a couple of guys have as a "theory". There is a big difference between a "theory" and a theory

Comment Re:Let the lawsuits begin.. (Score 4, Interesting) 303

I've been using tons of micro-usb connections for years. I've been plugging and unplugging every day, multiple times, across multiple devices. I'd wager I have something on the order of 10000 unplug/plugs across my devices. I have never broken or bent a single micro-usb connector. I know my anecdote is not very good, but if there really was an "annoying tendency to break", I'm sure I would've had it happen and/or heard about it previously. Besides, the inside piece is metal....not plastic as i'm looking at my devices.

Comment Re:Damning Evidence in the Ars Article (Score 3, Insightful) 383

Not necessarily. It entirely depends on what parts samsung was supplying. If it's memory chips and flash, they would have no idea that a large touchscreen would be in use. It's quite likely that the stuff samsung supplied were COTS components and Apple signed a contract for X thousand pieces at a cost of Y.

Comment Re:Damning Evidence in the Ars Article (Score 5, Informative) 383

I wouldn't say so. Samsung presented evidence of phones that were in development before the iphone was announced that looked very similar to the iphone. They came out afterwards, but were in development beforehand.

Also, from an icons standpoint, they said Meizu didn't infringe, but Samsung did. The meizu calendar icon looks WAY more like the iphone icon than the samsung one that Apple highlighted.

Comment Re:gun safe? (Score 1) 646

No it really isn't. Guns are designed to kill.


By owning a gun you are declaring that at somepoint you intend to kill *something* (or someone).

Not true. Though a guns main purpose is for killing something, many people own guns for a different purpose. Many people buy cars but don't drive them. Though the car is designed to be driven, many are garage queens that are looked at as works of art. Similarly, guns can be used for other purposes like target shooting, or just plain collecting.

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