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Comment ALWAYS shop around (Score 1) 231

Playing the high-low-middle game is common in sales; it's to provide the perception that you, the consumer, are getting a good deal. The reality, you're getting screwed, and it's your fault for not shopping around. I never said it makes it right, or just, but in a free market, half the onus is on the consumer as well. And no, this isn't the first time Amazon has pulled shenanigans like this. Even before the BitCoin craze, I've often found video cards to be at or exceeding MSRP by a great margin. Sometimes you can get a deal but avoid the hype and know the MSRP before you buy.

Comment Re: If it weren't for Microsoft (Score 1, Insightful) 97

It was Microsoft whoring out the GUI to the masses that propelled hardware sales and thus technological innovation from the likes of Intel and others. Even the GPGPU was spawned from Wintel gaming that it eventually crushed SGI.

No, without Microsoft, either we would still be using Apple, or the entire progression of hardware would have been held back as we nip at the keyboard in CLI at the most advanced version on Linux to date.

Comment Re: I have a similar problem (Score 1) 564

To clarify: she provided to Sears and others that address, not signed up with Google.

I can understand how it was the cashier that filled in a required field, and the elderly women didn't have an email address. But this is not the first time to have happened. It's almost like someone wrote down for her personal info on a postcard and she just hands it over. I mean really, it's a fucked up situation to have someone provide the same email address over and over when in fact they can't even check it!

Comment Re: Absolutely baffling (Score 1) 250

No, I work in the private sector for a small MSP (Managed Service Provider). But, you are correct in that Office 365 does make the eDiscovery process far easier. If require by law, the fishing will occur. The only difference is how much (or little) hell do you want to subject the system admin to?

Comment Re: I have a similar problem (Score 3) 564

This happened to me. Some lady signed up as first-initial.middle-initial.lastname@gmail.com when in fact mine is the exact same but with no periods. To this day I get random order confirmations from Sears and medical info. I even know her name and address from the registration to the sites. No, I'm not going to pay her a visit or anything. It only happens a few times a year. But people really need to be clued in on this behavior of GMail. And I agree, it needs to be put to an end from Google.

Comment Re: Nonsense (Score 1) 203

The whole point of encryption is to prevent data being snooped out in the open. Yet the biggest hang up has been the vetting process. In this case, also making the certificate issuer a notary. Why?? Why must SSL certs also be notarized? Why can't that be two different services or certificates. Maybe as a network admin, I want to block all traffic that hasn't been certified as trustworthy regardless of the fact it's encrypted or not. I mean, the point is to stop malware! Otherwise, we can go down the list of creating or subscribing to a trusted whitelist or IP addresses. I'd rather not do that as it's the "nuclear option".

Comment Re: No surprise there (Score 1) 250

You can call it what you want; no skin off my back. But in the world of software, progress is a moving target. Doesn't matter if you like it or not, I'm simply making a factual statement. Hardware changes, as does the OS to support it, and the applications too. The whole stack is a moving organism. A standing wave of progress if you will. You know, "the only constant is change" thing.

In business that relies on this technology, you can either upgrade in leap-frog fashion, or replace / upgrade as you go in dribs and drabs. Businesses prefer the later. It's easier to budget for. The bean counters want it that way.

Comment Re: Absolutely baffling (Score 2) 250

I'm an expert. I've been an Exchange administrator since the days of v5.5. To this day, my job is working with SMB (Small Medium Business) clients to transition away from MS Exchange and into Office 365. It's cheaper and more reliable overall. In fact, Microsoft Windows SBS (Small Business Server) has been deprecated and replaced with Server Essentials. It's in effect SBS without Exchange; knowing full well that role has been moved to the cloud - Office 365.

Comment Re: Absolutely baffling (Score 2, Funny) 250

POP3 is dogshit! IMAP is slightly better, but pales in comparison with Exchange. With MS Exchange (the gold standard for enterprise), Contacts, Calendar, and Task items sync seamlessly between client and server. No need to worry about loss of email or fragmented content between devices. In addition, you can setup shared mailboxes, grant full or partial read access to a co-workers mailbox, setup automated rules, and even set permission to allow someone to respond to an email on behalf of someone else. Exchange is POWERFUL!!!

Comment Re: No surprise there (Score 1) 250

SAS (Software As Service) is replacing the old model precisely because it's a reoccurring expenditure; specifically when it's annual. It's far easier to budget for, can ensure everyone in office is at the latest version for compatibility, and is equal or less in cost when amortized against one-off purchases of boxed software over a set period of time.

Comment Re:Why do they care? (Score 1) 285

About a year or so ago, I started turning on Lower Power Mode and used it for about a month. I stopped getting notifications automatically, and my battery life was substantially extended throughout the day. Pulling up a browser or any other app performed the same. Ditto for checking new e-mail. For the remainder of the time till now, I still flip Lower Power Mode on by default after I take it off the charger. IMHO, 99.999% of iPhone users wouldn't notice the difference missing pushed notifications. In fact, many would be extremely happy to have extra battery run-time available :)

Comment Re:At least they're honest (Score 1) 158

GOP is locked in a civil war of its own between Trump being the titular head (though they despise him for that being the POTUS and all), and blue blooded establishment types. The Democrats have just lost their mind. It's pure lunacy what's going on in that party.

I predict that the DNC will get back into power (the demographs are not in the GOPs favor), but headed by the Silicon Sultans with the siren song of "free shit" and universal income. I mean, the real irony is that they are the cause of all this wealth stratification from the insourcing and outsourcing going on. But let's be real, these Sultans of the west coast are neo feudalist. Let the fun (not) begin!

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