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Comment Re:What?!? (Score 4, Insightful) 220

Clearly someone needs to be in charge of new TLDs. I mean, seriously, we've got .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .aero, .info, .biz? For fuck's sake, when will this shit stop? My main concern with the plan here is that there's no way Obama is going to rule over TLD approvals with an iron fist. He's probably going to fucking allow some new TLDs. We need someone with some fucking balls, someone who will go through the whole goddamned queue and stamp DENIED. DENIED. DENIED. DENIED on the entire stack and then shit on it before delivering it back to the applicants.

Seriously. We were fine with .com, .org, .net, .mil, .gov, .edu and a bunch of country codes. If you want a new TLD, it had better be a goddamn country code or I don't want to even hear you fucking talk about it. Take your stupid industry-specific vanity TLD bullshit and do us all a favor and shut your fucking hole. Forever.


Google Asks Users To Complain Against Facebook 218

dkd903 writes "A kind of war has been going on recently between Facebook and Google over a contact export issue. First, Google blocked Facebook access to the Gmail contacts API. To this, Facebook responded back with a new method to get Gmail contacts of a user (the download contacts option). And now Google has slapped back again at Facebook and asks users indirectly to file a data protectionism complaint against Facebook. When a Facebook user clicks on the Download Your Contacts button on the 'Facebook import contact via Gmail' page, the user is then redirected to a new page on Google's server, which looks something like this..." Can I just say that watching this is absolutely hysterical?

Comment Re:Audio Compression (Score 1) 636

I used to work at a TV station and we never did anything to alter the sound of any of the programming or commercials.

This is our complaint exactly. We would very much like you to alter the sound of the programming or commercials to reduce the volume. If you did this, we might actually let the commercials play without muting the system.

Comment Re:I'd much rather... (Score 1) 636

in my opinion the broadcasters are responsible here, precisely because they are blindly (err, deafly) just running the tapes at the standard levels. sure, solving this problem flawlessly would require a lot of volume-monitoring technology and setting a standard average volume level and such. but they've failed to even attempt solve this glaring, decades-old problem with something as crude as "reduce all advertisements in volume by 6 dB for six weeks and see how it goes" or "return advertisements for remastering when they exceed a certain RMS volume". i've given up on the broadcasters because the ads are now so much louder than the programming that i fear they will damage my equipment -- i can't risk even seeing one ad because i can't afford to replace my speakers just because a bunch of antisocial assholes want to sell some more garbage to idiots.

Comment Re:Yeah, right (Score 1) 759

well, my advice to them would be to stop selling it, of course, but it seems that the marketing scum have been running too much at microsoft, and the people who build their actual products running too little ... and it finally caught up with them. it's difficult to claim with a straight face that windows XP is a supportable configuration except on legacy boxes. microsoft should run, not walk, away from that train wreck.

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