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Comment Bizarre contradiction in terms (Score 2, Insightful) 379

The TSA security directive was never meant to be known by the public, yet would call for new security measures which would require searching or controlling the public in new ways!? That's a bizarre contradiction. How do you secretly MAKE people submit to new body searches or restrain them in their seats an hour before landing?

I don't think they really thought this plan through...

Comment Re:Charity (Score 2, Informative) 362

...they have been told to buy by some 'part-time rock DJ making a Facebook page'... people failing to think for themselves.

Which is where your reasoning falls apart...

The people supporting the FaceBook campaign weren't being told what to buy, as normally most of them would abstain completely from the whole Xmas pop chart fiasco. What they did was CHOOSE to get involved in a campaign that aimed to focus people's dissatisfaction at the status quo (not Status Quo the band!!! hehe, that's NEXT year's campaign...) in one concerted effort to make a giant audible statement that the established order of the media conglomerates couldn't really ignore.

They could just as easily have chosen not to get involved, but they didn't - and all have donated to charity too, whether out of their own pocket directly, or through RATM's donation of proceeds to Shelter. Not bad for a FaceBook group really.

Comment Re:Charity (Score 1) 362

Yes and let's not forget that CC doesn't mean it has to be FREE of charge. It simply means you're free to use it however you wish as long as you abide by the terms of the license (accreditation, no commercial use etc). CC generally allows for freely copying/distributing the material as long as now financial gain is made in the process. It doesn't mean the creator has no right to financially gain themselves :)

Comment Re:Charity (Score 1) 362

unfortunately, probably only your first 3 purchases counted.

No, the first three purchases from EACH RETAILER whose sales are used to calculate the official charts count. That means, if you used all 8 main retailers carrying the track (iTunes, Amazon, Tesco, Play, 7Digital, We7, HMV, TuneTribe) that were definitely known to be counted, you could in theory download up to 24 copies just for yourself.

On top of this you could 'gift' as many as 3 copies from any retailers who allowed this (iTunes and 7Digital definitely did, not sure of the others) and they counted as separate downloads as you only paid for them and others did the downloading.

Personally I only bought 11 copies (including gifting it), and kept some in reserve in case they were really needed for a concerted push at the end. For every track I've downloaded I donated 10 times it's price to Shelter... and current donations stand at over 80,000 quid and rising! Well done all involved :)

Comment Re:Repeat infringer provision in USA copyright law (Score 1) 406

Evidentiary in the name of the '3 strikes' provision is it's origin (at least in it's corporate form). I'm supposing the idea of '3 strikes' refers to baseball, which is only played in a couple of countries AFAIK. It's certainly not a game very much played around the rest of the world (US, Japan... anywhere else other than on US bases in other countries?)

If it had been called 'caught and bowled', 'lbw' or other cricket reference then it would have been unmistakably British in origin. :D

Comment Re:Banking INternationally (Score 5, Interesting) 277

True again, but that didn't change the perceived necessity of invading those countries (*). In fact, many European nations probably objected simply because they had figured out that the US was going to invade no matter what, so opposing the invasions let them gain political points domestically, avoid paying, and still get what they wanted. The reason things worked out that way was because Bush was a moron.

(*) I think both invasions were a mistake, but the people supporting them genuninely thought it was necessary at the time.

I think you'll find the reasons that the majority of Europeans (not European nations) were against those wars was because: (A) They were illegal under international law and (B) The ensuing wars would result in the deaths of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of innocent civilians who never did anything to us - amongst others. Any 'nation' or government who represented the views of their citizens were in fact just doing their job properly. There were notable examples of governments giving the finger to their electorate, such as the British government of the war criminal Tony B-Liar, but as a whole, the bigger part of the population of Europe was against the unnecessary murder of millions of civilians.

To date it hasn't been shown that any of the warmongers who started these illegal wars felt they were 'necessary' for any reason. They may have said they felt it, but these are proven liars, so the balance of probability lies with the idea that their claimed feelings over the matter were merely another lie, and that's even before you consider that mere 'feelings' about how you act do not usurp the law.

To deny this obvious state of affairs is shamefully naive and the reason these b*stards keep getting away with their crimes. I mean, COME ON PEOPLE!!!

Comment Re:Report from the field: "Drivers very confused" (Score 1) 483

Surely that's to distinguish direction that the signal applies to, particularly when there are separate signals for a lane turning than for a lane carrying straight on.

Here in the UK we generally have these arrows to indicate either a 'filter' on just the green light in addition to the main green light (where you are turning across the oncoming traffic and their signal has just turned to red, or hasn't yet turned to green).

Although there are occasions where the directional indicator arrow is used for all 3 colours, especially where a multitude of light clusters make a junction particularly confusing for anyone unfamiliar with the road layout.

Conversely to TFA, I've noticed that whenever traffic lights fail over here, traffic has a greater tendency to flow much better, because the majority of people's natural courtesy to each other allows for them to 'take turns' crossing a 4 (or more) way junction.

Comment Re:What's next? (Score 1) 645

Additionally - to be covered by the PRS' services, an artist must first register with them. Whichever name is used (whether the artists' actual name[s] or a band name) is the one the royalties are collected under. Therefore, if a BAND register (say, 'The Beatles') and all tracks released are credited to 'The Beatles', then the PRS will collect on those tracks alone, distributing money equally to all members of the band. They would not collect on tracks credited to 'Lennon' or 'McCartney' unless those names had been specifically registered with them. This is why some bands fall out over royalties, because a couple of members may be credited as writing the songs (melody/lyrics) and get all the royalties whilst the others get nothing for those tracks despite having written their respective instrument's parts.

So if you've not registered yourself or your band with the PRS and are performing your own original material, then they have absolutely NO business with you at all. They shouldn't automatically think they have a 'right' to police all music, because they're far from being so ubiquitous.

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