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Comment Re:How much did Intel pay M$ (Score 1) 299

That was my very first thought, but it does look more and more like a Microsoft mistake.

My desktop system at home runs Windows 7 Ultimate and I have it set to "tell" me about updates, but let "me" decide when to download & install them. I always wait until all the bugs are known before applying updates. Good thing, too, because all my systems run on AMDs!

Comment Re:Try not through the FCC ffs (Score 0) 77

For nearly the entire history of the internet, there were no "net neutrality" rules and everything worked fine. During the short time the rules were in place nobody noticed any difference.

If Amazon, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter and other tech giants are for it, I'm against it. Let me make it simpler - if evil is for it, I'm against it.

If you think those companies are looking out for your best interests, you're a fool.

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