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Comment Re:The gain for Ireland? (Score 1) 288

Apple employees over 4,000 employees in Ireland. The large companies with bases here are also here for our educational talent, as well as the taxes. The taxes bring them here and the employees keep them here. That was the whole idea behind introducing the low taxes (they are around 10%) in the 80s. Its the reason we are not a bunch of peasant farmers any more. We are very much a knowledge economy these days.

Comment Re:Wouldnt want it (Score 1) 191

I'm pretty sure you can't assume your opinion applies to everyone. I agree with the original statement, as an omnivore, who does pay more for free range stuff than than factory farmed. You can be sure there are many more like me given the huge amount of organic and free range stuff in the supermarkets. I'm very interested to know why you would pay more to not eat lab grown meat, that is immensely mind-boggling.

Comment Re:Dumb name. (Score 1) 238

They're calling it IRA. (Individual Retirement Account). What a stupid choice. I mean its bound to cause some confusion that could have very easily been avoided. I realise the IRA (Irish Republican Army) isn't a global organization but you'd think the American Government would have the brains and foresight to avoid reuse of already long established and very well-known acronyms.

Comment Re:More garbage (Score 1) 353

Plenty of long haired hippie looking dudes where I work. My bosses boss is a long haired hippie. The company is a highly successful internet company. I find your comments very strange. Why does appearance matter so much? It's seen as effectively meaningless to us. Dreadlocks, crazy hair, crazy beards, ancient clothes. None of it matters. What matters is the people.

Comment Re:Need for padded poles. (Score 1) 76

For the longest time people believed that the UI seen in minority report would be an awesome thing to have, only now that touch devices are widespread, we're seeing just how bad touchscreens are ergonomically and how little demand there is for large touchscreen displays.

We have known UI's like that suck since the 80's.

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