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Comment Re: Just the beginning (Score 1) 452

" tired of being labeled, called names, told they're meanies, etc." ... "don't agree with mouth-foaming liberals"

Covered in mud, slinging mud. Funny. I hear the talk radio gods talk about the mouth-foaming liberals, though I've never met one. I'm sure you can find some. It's a straw man. Describe a mouth foamer who's brain is infected with "liberalism" and throw everyone you disagree with into that box.

I voted for Bill Weld - by far the best candidate in the bunch. Complain about the mobster and the lunatic and pretend there are only 2 sides - and of course it's self fulfilling.

Comment Re:We scientists must improve our reliability. (Score 2) 273

The only information I see coming out saying that "peer review is sort of a joke" is from propaganda artists like Limbaugh, Hannity, etc in their attempt to discredit real science where is conflicts with their narratives (global warming is a Hoax). People aren't perfect and neither is peer review, but it's a really good process and certainly not "sort of a joke". Also, I can't believe someone made this comment on Slashdot and got modded 5.

Comment Re:H2 is actually gaining (small) market presence (Score 1) 163

Where are you getting 90% efficient electrolysis from? In the PDF article you linked, it says cell voltage efficiency is up to 90%, but that's not for the entire process. PEM electrolysis has a theoretical efficiency of 94%, but even the best projections are 74% in a decade or more. So again, where did you get "The efficiency of electrolysis is very high today, approaching 90%."?

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/... for PEM electrolyzers, "Ranges in 2014 were 43–67% for the alkaline and 40–67% for the PEM, they should progress in 2030 to 53–70% for the alkaline and 62–74% for the PEM"

So Toyota definitely seems to back this, but they can't give any reasons other than 5 minute fill-ups and range, advantages that are diminishing as BEVs increase in range and decrease charge times. Battery tech is far from its theoretical limits, so we can expect further range increases. That leaves only fill-up time. For those with home charging, EVs arguably already beat out gasoline on that front, especially when coupled with DC fast charging for extended trips. The only areas HFCV possibly holds an advantage over BEV (assuming infrastructure rollout) is for those without home charging. Porsche is claiming 15 minutes charges using an 800V system and it's certainly possibly to add 200 miles in 10 minutes with 350 kW charging. Toyota's case for the FCEV is looking shaky, they've even reversed course and are now developing an EV of their own: https://www.forbes.com/sites/b...

Comment Re:Yeah this is overvalued, so what? (Score 1) 289

As an engineer (M.E.), I love the car, but the energy side is potentially bigger. Energy storage is a no-brainer from a design standpoint. It's ridiculous to match generation to demand, but that's what we've done because storage is too expensive. That cost is coming down rapidly and once it crosses a threshold, it will transform the energy industry. Add in a shift to renewables and it may be the most significant technological and economic shifts in our lifetime.

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 1) 289

Tesla sold more Model S, a $100k car than GM did a $40k car. That's freaking amazing.

It's ridiculous to compare GM current sales to Tesla current sales. Tesla sells 2 very expensive models. The question is what's the Model 3 going to do? And if the Model 3 does well, will Tesla create additional models to cover other segments? If GM decides to get serious and not outsource their EVs to LG, how long will it take them to make the capital investments necessary to scale up? Where will they obtain batteries should demand for EVs go mainstream?

Then there is the energy market, possibly larger than the automotive market. Nobody's got a crystal ball, but if Tesla is right about the EV market AND the energy market then their current valuation will look cheap in 5 years.

Comment Re:Hey GM, how about that EV1? (Score 1) 289

Pie in the sky? The energy market alone has enough potential to dwarf the auto market. Grid storage is inevitable. Renewable energy is inevitable.
  There are other competitors in this market, but few, if any, are as aggressive as Tesla. Tesla is hell bent on prodding the transformation to renewable energy and electric cars. Who else in the industry does this? Nobody.

The shift in the energy and auto industry are probably the biggest technological and economic shifts happening in the world today. And Tesla is all in on both. If EVs fail in the market, so will Tesla. But that's what people (myself included) love about them. They're throwing everything in on electric cars and renewable energy, while most everybody else takes a wait and see approach.

Ponzi Scheme? That's just ignorant or insulting.

Comment Re:20,000 years ago (Score 2) 211

Not sure where your 8 C came from. It took about 11,000 years for the temp to rise 4 C. By contrast, we're up 1 C in just 100 years, and that's the issue. Nobody's saying the climate doesn't change naturally, just that this extremely rapid change is caused by humans.


"It's just a flimsy excuse by the lib-left for bigger government."

No, it's just reality. How about, instead of denying reality you come up with a solution that doesn't require government to grow. I'll be all for it.

Comment Re:Fake news, see the MASIE data for yourself (Score 5, Insightful) 211

"several thousand people whom rely on the climate change scam, for their paycheck, are ramping up the BS so they can remain on the gravy train...."

It really blows my mind that people believe engineers and scientists from the best scientific organizations in the world, including NASA and NOAA are ALL in on a worldwide scam, while the companies that actually have skin in the game (oil, nat gas, coal, etc) are innocent victims. If you know any engineers (I'm an M.E.), you know they're often quite anal about technicalities and correctness. To even consider that a group, much less several groups across the globe would sacrifice their integrity for grants, or whatever, is absolutely ludicrous.

But then again, we elected Trump as president so it seems the majority of people aren't capable of rational thought.

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