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Comment another incorrect use of "content" (Score 1) 322

The content is completely free. If I report that the sun will come up tomorrow (at dawn, say) you are completely free to tell anyone you like. I owe you nothing. It's expression that can be owned.

What is really meant here is news. More specifically news gathering which is done by humans known as reporters, and editing, which is done by humans called editors. They are not "creating content"; they are writing the news.

Now: Google doesn't do any of that. We can have a discussion on whether Google is distributing the results without helping pay for the feet on the street and the fingers on the keys. Seems like a good discussion to have, since there are now fewer feet on the street and fingers on the keys, and hard news reporting is on the decline. Consider a world with all the "content" anyone wants but little real news.

Comment who pays? (Score 1) 67

Probably the costs of data breaches are about the same as they've been for years.

What may be rising is the share of that cost shouldered by the companies that make money by warehousing data about individuals, as compared to the share shouldered by the individuals concerned. If that's true, that would be wonderful. It would create the right incentive for said companies to get real about data security.

Comment unhappy title (Score 3, Insightful) 344

A more accurate title would be "Texas supports teaching science in science classes".

Texas as far as I can see takes no position on what specifically currently is accepted by scientific community as science, leaving that once again as it had always been before, up to publishers of science books. That seems a wise choice.

And Texas likewise makes no limitations on what may be presented in courses on history, literature, comparative religion, anthropology, and so on. That also seems wise. The only problem was teaching religion in a science course. That problem is now solved.

Comment another incorrect use of "content" (Score 1) 115

not only their own content, but illegally uploaded content by other users

It's pretty difficult to have illegal content. You mean "expression" or more specifically, "video". Content is pretty much impossible to own.

So let's rewrite this correctly: "not only video posted by owners, but also video posted illegally by others".

Comment easy enough for my grandmother? (Score 3, Insightful) 296

The gold standard now for personal electronics is, "Is it easy enough for my grandmother to use it?"

My last three consumer electronics purchases (DVR, car audio, component HD radio) all fail that test handily. Not even close.

So 25 years later, there's a lot of room for improvement toward meeting that standard.

Congrats Apple on meeting it earlier and more often than most.

Comment not getting it (Score 1) 82

They're using CNS activity in the humans as their metric? Really? Then they're not getting it. The test is behavior. Internal events may be interesting but they're not part of the test. Otherwise we'd also be using internal events in the machine as part of the test. It really is amazing; it's like Ryle never happened. You imagine the researchers next examining Holmes's words with a magnifying glass to learn more about Doyle.

Comment another good reason not to dilute "addictive" (Score 1) 333

Just another good reason not to dilute the clear meaning of the term "addictive" as in "as addictive as cocaine or heroin". The term means chemically dependent on. Although behavior is an indicant handy for making a diagnosis, the chemical dependency that drives the behavior is what you diagnose.

There are lots of high frequency behaviors that have nothing to do with chemical dependency, and "addictive" is simply the wrong term for them. Try "habit" or "obsession" or some such.

Comment features myth (Score 5, Insightful) 652

Why does Microsoft, and apparently Apple, believe what we've been waiting for is more features? I don't know a single consumer who is dissatisfied with their box because it lacks this or that feature. The consumers I know who are unhappy are unhappy with the user experience: box does something unexpected, unexplained, mysterious, unintended, or just plain wrong. So I don't understand the features war. I would think the vast majority of us aren't looking for the box to do something new and wonderful, but to stop doing things that are weird and obstructive.

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