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Comment Re:I have no clue what's going on here (Score 1) 431

Why bother? I _guess_ because we have a set of rules about what kids have to be taught and part of that involves examination. So it's OK for the kids to take an exam and potentially do badly (if there are questions set on topics they've wilfully been mislead on!), but it's not OK to just not teach the subject.

If there was some way to weed out 'bad teachers' you could hope that the Biology teachers at such a school would continually be identified by Ofsted (UK schools watchdog) and warned, offered re-training, etc, then sacked, but sadly that's unlikely because the teacher union(s) would probably get all upset and call a national strike - even if Ofsted had such powers, and I don't think they do because if they did the teacher union(s) would probably get all upset and call a national strike!

Comment Re:or stop hiding... (Score 4, Informative) 377

Not sure the UK would have extradited him to the US, and if they agreed to do so it would have been _years_ of court battles before it happened (see Gary McKinnon, amongst others), and yet Sweden can, and do, just hand people over to the US, so from the US's point of view, they'd likely get their hands on Assange far quicker if he could be convinced to pop back to Sweden - at least that seems to be the argument put forward by Assange. FWIW, and having read around the subject quite a bit, I tend to agree with him - Assange would be a fool to voluntarily go back to Sweden at this time.

Turns out that, as he's in the Ecuadorian embassy, he's already escaped the UK ...

Swedish police have visited other countries to 'interview' suspects in the past - including murderers - and presumably will do so in the future, so it does seem a little odd that they're so reluctant to pop over to the UK to interview a suspected 'rapist' who has offered to assist countless times.

The whole issuing of the European Arrest Warrant in the first place is decidedly odd too ... and brings into question the general use of such warrants.

Comment Re:This is missing critical information (Score 1) 268

Also, are the non-drought-ravaged areas of the US being similarly "heavily targeted" for oil and gas development using hydraulic fracturing too, in which case if EVERYWHERE is being heavily targeted then, really, the drought areas aren't really being targeted at all now, are they. It's not like the Frackers are like "Hey, they're really dry over there, let's go todally frack them up dude"!

Comment Re:They aren't whistleblowing. (Score 1) 441

Of course, when the highest authority is complicit there is no one within the system to report to, and the only alternative is to blow the whistle loud and clear where EVERYONE can hear because it is pretty clear that anything else will simply be swept under the carpet.
Remember, Manning released _proof_ that the US armed forces were guilty of gunning down a Reuters reporter, then was further complicit in denying it happened and covering up, let alone not offering help to those wounded during the strike.

Comment Re:Has this been done before? (Score 1) 323

... Surely the good guys deserve some press here as well, Slashdot?

The good guys? You mean the people who created the situation that encourages this behaviour in the first place? The good guys are the legislators in the states who have, at last, started down the road to end prohibition and cut the fiscal ties to the drug cartels and smugglers. Kudos to you all, for the war on drugs in an unwinnable war, and if they don't know it they are truly delusional! Historians tell us we are doomed to repeat the mistakes of our ancestors, and just as alcohol prohibition funded the Mafia, so the "War On Drugs" funds the drug cartels.

The logical, hell, the ONLY, solution is to legalise ALL drugs. The reduced cost of policing plus the tax take on the companies that manufacture, process, and sell the resulting narcotics would fill the coffers and throw in the reduced cost of incarcerating the unlucky folks just wanting a little high and the reduced cost 'to society' of drugs cut with draino and the like ... it's a win-win, apart from those craving the power derived from the War On Drugs, and surely those are exactly the sorts of people who shouldn't be given the power!

Legalise It And Tax It!

Comment Re:What will Cameron do then? (Score 3, Insightful) 227

The default is already "Filtering ON", even though the Gov tried to insist that the ISP's call it something like "your choice" to hide the fact! Railroaded in by referring to it as some anti-child porn crusade, it also includes filters to block (extreme) political websites too.

Who determines what political sites are extreme?

Comment Re:Environmentalists... (Score 1) 416

... real scientific evidence suggests groundwater contamination isn't uncommon ...

Please provide a link to this evidence. Fracking has been industry standard practice for 50 years or so - it is NOT a new invention - and there are no recorded instances that I am aware of where contamination has been proven.

There was a case where contamination was found, but tests that would have shown fracking to have been the cause (the gas that is released has a 'signature' and so can be traced to a specific well) was not done for some reason (possibly because the well drilled to run the tests could have been the problem!).

Comment Re:Go, France! (Score 5, Insightful) 88

When a user in country A goes to a server in country B, the laws of country B are what matter. Just like when you travel to a country on vacation, it's THAT countries laws which apply, not the laws of the country you're coming from.

America can't have it both ways. They made online gambling illegal and then go after the companies offering online gambling from elsewhere. Dudes, it's not the online gambling that's the problem, it's your citizens being bad by ignoring your retarded online gambling laws!

... and now the French are giving you some of your own medicine. Reap what you have sown!

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