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Comment Re:What the hell? (Score 1) 653

But paycheck? Where I live, cops START at a 100K a year, and it goes up from there. This is on top of awesome benefits and a retirement age in the 50s.

In NYC, rookie cops start at 43k in NYC. I know that there are more expensive places to live. Can you show me the police department that starts at 100k USD a year?


Comment Re:Lawyers? We don't need no stinkin lawyers for t (Score 1) 492

Well, mash-ups and the remix culture being fast and loose with IP and copyright could be compared to how the king co-opted some parts of African American music that he had exposure to, and made it his own.

Or am I reading too much into this?

Also, last time I checked my Elvis CD collection was is my Dad's house, gathering dust. Can't really say that I am a fan, although obviously it is historic and all that jazz.

So maybe Elvis isn't everyone's Elvis.

Comment Re:Top down reliability? (Score 1) 830

Right, because this has never been done before....

I can't imagine such a system that is widely used today where layers were added to build out functionality, and work around various issues below in the stack, hardware issues, et cetera.

This truly is madness.


Comment Re:Textpad! (Score 1) 1131

I'm guessing that you are missing a job, generally speaking most individuals don't have text files that are > 1GiB, but depending on the host and time of day, it isn't unheard of to have 2 GiB an hour for log files. We split up by the hour, for this reason. If we had a full day of logs in each file, it would get into 10+ GiB.

If you have to look at lots of multiple servers, it gets even worse.

Comment What CAN you talk about at the airport? (Score 2, Insightful) 1002

At the end of the day, people got on and made comments they shouldn't have made on the airplane, and other people heard them,

Other people heard them, misconstrued them. It just so happened these people were of Muslim faith and appearance. It escalated, it got out of hand and everyone took precautions.

So wait, you can't talk about airport security at the airport? That's all I talk about on the airlines. After hours of waiting, being stripped of liquids for no reason, having to take of your shoes, it kind of is the elephant in the room.

It seems likely that they were given special attention because of their appearance, accent, culture, et cetera. Personally, I'm not expecting anyone, especially the airline to admit this.


Submission + - OS2 Open Source Petition (os2world.com)

Kim Haverblad writes: "More than two years ago on September 25, 2005, OS2 World.Com sent IBM a letter with a petition that contained 11,613 signatures requesting IBM to release the source code of Operating System 2 (OS/2 Warp) — or at least release the source code that IBM owns — to the public under an open source license. Sadly IBM was ignorant enough to not answer the first letter and this is why we sent a second letter to IBM.

On November 19, 2007, OS2 World.Com sent the second letter to IBM where we insisted on implementing the stipulations contained in this petition because we believe that OS/2 is an important part of the history of the Operating System, and furthermore, it still contains values that the computer science field considers unique.

The petition can be found at following url: http://www.os2world.com/petition"

Operating Systems

Submission + - Petition to open OS/2 source, round/2 (os2world.com) 1

The_Wilschon writes: On September 25, 2005, OS2World.com sent a petition with 11,613 signatures to IBM, asking them to release some or all of the source code to OS/2. Oddly, given IBM's embrace of the Open Source movement, the letter was ignored. So, on November 19 of this year, OS2World.com sent a second letter. They have also opened up a second petition round in order to show even more support to IBM for their requests. In particular, the System Object Model (SOM), Workplace Shell (WPS), and OS/2 kernel could both spur new OS/2 development and provide some fresh ideas to the Free Software world.

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