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Comment That's not "why it doesn't work"....that's you wan (Score 5, Insightful) 66

Getty: "Here, take these high quality images and use them for free"
Santajon: "I don't want that image. I want to crop it, and I'd like to apply an artificial aging filter to it so I can look like a douchebag."
Getty: "That's not the image we're offering...for free. If you buy the image, you'll have a file that you can use however you'd like."
Santajon: "Why would I buy an is free."

That conversation doesn't end well for anybody except Santajon.

Take the free image that's offered or take your own damn picture and use it. The fact that you have to pay to use someone else's product is not a valid complaint.

Comment Re: What is the best way to buy some in bulk? (Score 1) 944

> LEDs are the most poluting in manufacturing.

Since you're typing this on a COMPUTER I'll resist the temptation to laugh. Manufacturing computers isn't polluting at all of course. (Look up the fines levied against silicon fabricators...)

Your comment in this case isn't incorrect but you're ignoring the fact that LED bulb manufacturing is young and there will be process improvements.

Comment Re:What is the best way to buy some in bulk? (Score 1) 944

While I really appreciate your efforts to make all Canadians look like idiots, I'd rather rather you just identify yourself at from "quebec" rather than Canada.

The solstince was June 21st, 2013. In Montreal the sun rose at 5:06 a.m. that day and set at 8:47 p.m.. Your times might be accurate for some location dramatically farther north, but you can't arbitrarily add two hours of daylight in Montreal without me calling bullshit.

Your argument that "people will come to Canada for bulbs" might wash in the limited number of border communities but in the U.S. most of those have a limited population. Buffalo is a substantial drive from the Border; Seattle is a three hour drive. If you really believe that people are going to drive three hours to smuggle light bulbs over a border well, tabernac...have another beer my friend.

The amount of heat generated from your lightbulbs is doing *nothing* to contribute significantly to heating your living space. Here's a test--and since you have such long days of sunlight it should be easy. Live a month with no lightbulbs on and see what the change in consumption for your electric heat is.

The fact that Quebec has an abundance of hydroelectric power does not justify using all of that power for the sake of it. Hydroelectric power is relatively non-polluting but does entail significant environmental displacement and damage. Reducing energy consumption can lead to a reduction in demand for land and power generating facilities, preserving habitat.

I'm not sure how you get to this logical leap: "And finally, my LCD tv produces much heat. The USA should make LCD tvs and monitors illegal..." Your old CRT TV used to generate quite a bit of heat as well. LEDs will replace them over the long term as well.

That argument also sounds a bit like the OPEC countries saying "why bother making smaller fuel efficient engines? UAE has plenty of oil to refine." It's short sighted, narrow and ignorant.

Comment Re:It's pretty simple (Score 1) 371

What's the logical path you take from "installing keyloggers on [your] machine" to "comporimis[ing your] hardware?"

A keylogger does nothing to compromise your hardware. It's pure software and has nothing to do with hardware. It's not, in point of fact, even interfacing with hardware: that's happening at the OS level, and the key logging software is picking up the keystrokes.

Comment Re:When you have a bad driver ... (Score 1) 961

The beauty of your response which calls others out for automotive related stupidity while lumping a braking system in with a stability system is amazing.

The only thing ABS has to do with Stability is that the system is electronic. By that tenuous measure, the car's Electronic Fuel Injection system might as well be considered "stability control."

In fairness, I did find my the carburetors on my motorcycle made it difficult to ride without weaving all over the road, so you might have a point.

Comment Re:Google have turned DO NO EVIL into an imperativ (Score 0) 435

Old theory on Google: the engineering team believes in Do No Evil, the marketing teams believes in Make More Money.

I think there's a kernel of truth to this, but I also think that the line between the two becomes blurred as Google's services mature. I haven't used my gmail address in years at this point: it's forwarded, but I believe you get what you pay for so I pay for a hosting account and (several) domains and use those instead.

I'm one of the admins for a Google Apps for Business account at work. The only thing I have good to say about it is that I'm not going to have a server die. Drive is a nightmare, Calendar unreliable and flaky and the Docs apps aren't that useful unless you "go all in Google."

That last part could be true of the entire experience, really, save Drive which sorely lacks in many storage use cases that are essential to running a business. It's really focused on personal, not common files.

Google is doing a lot of evil right now, and I'd be hard pressed to recommend many of the core products.

Comment So this has to be troll bait (Score 0) 682

This is fake. It has to be fake. It it's not fake, the authorities should be visiting your house.

> because he's got other things to do, i

Really? His days are booked? All those board meetings are interfering with, you know, BEING A FOUR YEAR OLD.

No four year old should have their own mobile phone. Not one.

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