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Submission + - Beloved Pippi Longstocking Books Charged With Racism (theguardian.com) 7

cdreimer writes: According to The Guardian: "Astrid Lindgren's much-loved books about Pippi Longstocking, she of the red hair, incredible strength and impossible lies, have been described as racist by a German theologian. Dr Eske Wollrad, a feminist theologian from Germany's Federal Association of Evangelical Women, has claimed that Lindgren's classic children's novels "have colonial racist stereotypes". In Pippi in the South Seas, "the black children throw themselves into the sand in front of the white children in the book," she told German paper the Local. "When reading the book to my nephew, who is black, I simply left that passage out." Wollrad neglected to mention that Pippi goes on to mock white children for their obsession with school. "If you come across a white child crying you can be pretty sure that the school has either gone up in flames, or that a half-term holiday has broken out, or that the teacher has forgotten to set homework for the children in pluttification," she says. The Pippi Longstocking books were written by Lindgren in the 1940s, covering the adventures of Pippi, an inveterate liar and eccentric whose parents are dead and who shares her house with a monkey and a horse who lives on the porch."

Comment Fiber is dead, all hail our cableco masters! (Score 5, Insightful) 71

I knew when Verizon stopped pushing FIOS that fiber was dead. Google loves splashy launches, but they quickly grow tired of anything involving day-to-day maintenance and long-term commitments. Google has the attention span of a methed-up squirrel.

On the upside, cablecos are now the only option for high speed internet for most people in the U.S. And they have pretty much unbreakable monopolies. Isn't that WONDERFUL?

Comment Re:Too bad. (Score 1) 399

Actually, 'securitization' and resale(often multiple layers) of debt has been a very, very, popular trend; and at least in property mortgages, led to quite a few situations where nobody seemed to have any idea(much less be willing to tell the borrower) who was actually supposed to be getting paid; had a claim to the collateral in the event of a default, etc.

Making a loan and then keeping it on your books for the duration of its repayment period is increasingly quaint. That's one of the reasons why the time-saving "just make it up" method of bookkeeping became popular. Standards of documentation designed under the assumption that creditors would retain loans became cumbersome when they were chopping them up and reselling them; so they decided to adopt more convenient standards.

Comment Re:Sounds like... (Score 5, Interesting) 148

The fact that PowerVR-based Atoms have worthless driver support is Intel's fault: Microsoft's contribution to the debacle is creating a situation where upgrading the OS actually shortens the support window. If running Win8.1, these devices would get the pre "windows as a service" treatment; which in the case of 8.1 is mainstream support until 1/09/2018; extended support until 1/10/2023; if running Windows 10, a given major update gets only "at least 18 months"; after which you are potentially out of luck unless you can move to the next major update. And, since 'feature' and 'security' updates are now being aggregated; having a GPU with drivers that don't play nice with some aspect of WDDM means no security updates.

Intel's support for the PowerVR-based Atoms has always been shamefully bad; and they deserve full blame for that; but that doesn't change the fact that Microsoft's big push for Win10 upgrades...doesn't look so good...for hardware where it now(well after users made the choice, and without any way for them to know) means that Win10 devices will fall out of support faster than Win8.1 devices will.

It's also not a favorable anecdote for the 'Windows' glorious stable driver interface!' argument that always gets trotted out: It's not a huge surprise that an older part that always had shit support isn't getting shiny new drivers with WDDM 2.2 support; but Win10 1703 has apparently changed enough that those parts, which do have functioning drivers for earlier WDDM versions(probably 1.2 or 1.3; since they were introduced to support Win8; maybe 2.0 depending on how much polish they received for Win10) can't even continue to offer the features that they previously offered if you update to version 1703; while they did work in 1607.

That sort of stability an backward compatibility used to be something that Microsoft at least tried at and cared about; the change isn't a flattering one. Entirely in keeping with Microsoft's Apple-envy approach of late; but not a good thing.

Comment Re:PGP Signed Message. (Score 1) 64

Some people just make dumb mistakes. Others read the (admittedly pretty cool) descriptions of the mathematical properties of cryptocurrencies and foolishly assume that those properties somehow rub off on the decidedly less elegant infrastructure on which basically everything done with the cryptocurrencies depends.

I'm not sure what the exact breakdown is; but it's practically a business model for the 'exchanges': Get people to hand you the mathematically validated cryptographic stuff in exchange for IOUs denominated in whatever coin is trendy; then people are all surprised when those IOUs have no special properties whatsoever; and can be changed just as easily as anything else on a poorly secured web server.

Submission + - UK age checks on porn sites:the UK government doesn't understand the web (betanews.com)

Mark Wilson writes: If there's anything that the UK government has demonstrated in recent years it is that it not only wants to try to take control of the web, but it also fails to understand the web. These two facts make for a terrible combination — something highlighted by the snooper's charter and the government's desire to break encryption on demand.

The latest idea — ushered in under the guise of protecting children in a bid to win points — is the introduction of age restriction on porn sites. The Digital Economy Act will require porn sites to use credit card verification to check that users are aged 18 or over. There are numerous holes here, illustrating that the government simply doesn’t know what it's talking about.

Comment Re:Jodie Whittaker (Score 4, Insightful) 505

I just hope Dr. Who treats her as an actual Doctor, not just use her to virtue-signal for SJW cred. Dr. Who's increasing politicization is really getting annoying. It's starting to feel like that guy who brings out his one black friend at every party and points to him to let you know that he's a proper non-racist liberal.

When characters are naturally gay or black or whatever, that's great. When they're one-dimensional non-entities who just appear from stage-left in every episode just to remind everyone of their gayness and blackness, that's just virtue-signalling. And it's an insult to real gays, minorities, women etc. who are actual real human beings.

I hope she's a real character. I hope that every episode doesn't revolve around some stereotypical "women's issues" just to trumpet for the thousandth time that this Dr. Who is A WOMAN.

Submission + - 13th Doctor Who ill be female (bbc.co.uk) 1

Coisiche writes: It's undoubtedly going to be a controversial decision but the 13th incarnation of Doctor Who will be portrayed by an actress who will make her debut in this year's Christmas special.

I think the BBC may have underestimated the outrage they will face.

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