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Comment Re:Still want it? (Score 2) 193

The shrill, is the sound of people noticing you're on fire... and too smug to look down, drop and roll... that doesn't make the one's shout ignorant. If you had the faintest clue about biology, thermodynamics, biochemistry or ecology, you might be just a wee bit more concerned, there are some pretty dark futures that are absolutely within the realm of possibility if you follow climate change to it's conclusion. These futures don't include homo sapiens, in fact many don't even include vertebrates.

The debate among scientific circles is virtually nonexistent. Hundreds of thousands of scientists from many dozens of diverse scientific fields have created a consistent picture of our world from which it is nearly impossible to escape global climate change and environmental disruption. This is especially important in the face of human population pressures. The only debate is limited to special points interest, and scientists on the payroll of fossil fuel producers or members of ideological groups who refuse to believe their own eyes. In this case, I tend to go with the VAST majority, and throw out the ideologues at both ends.

Comment Re:Pests (Score 4, Insightful) 193

That's not exactly correct, but it's really poor science to talk about an entire body of work involving thousands of separate research projects and researchers, in overly broad and general ways. Some work certainly has more rigor (and is therefore more authoritative) than others, and this news blurb talks about such a diverse population of pests (virii, viroids, bacteria, fungi, insects, nematodes... ad-infinitum) impacting everything from forest health to the growing occurrence of tropical fungal disease in humans occurring in temperate regions, that the trends spoken of here are a powerful indictment on issues of global climate change.. the average movement for pests (most thrive in warm climates) is about 3 km per years north and south (migration towards the poles.)

So at one level you're right, this could be gremlins herding trillion of lifeforms from dozens of different classes away from the equator, however watching these creatures move in lockstep with local changes in climate (and even micro climate), and watching what amounts to tropical conditions carry these lifeforms to places they've never been before, suggests that your observation, while humorous lacks a certain intellectual vision.

Comment Re:Generalized Hypothesis in a Generalized World (Score 3, Insightful) 193

So first thing, there are no laws created by environmentalists... those would be legislators. The stupid you're impugning lives with folks who use environmental concerns exactly the same way the folks on the other side of the legislative fence use concerns about energy. Backroom deals with monied corporate interests getting stupid laws passed in their own interest that in fact exacerbate the issues in the real world, but make someone a lot of money. Real environmentalists appreciate that human beings are a inseparable part of the environment, and that ideas that force suffering or deprivation on vast populations would undermine ecological sanity on a global scale.

Technology is already beginning to provide huge opportunities to create environmentally sound alternatives to our current lifestyles, while at the same time giving us access to a world that is truly human compatible, even socially empowering. Agendas and dogmas are indications of people with ideologies to inflict on others, and these people seldom the source of workable solutions.

Comment Good plan... (Score 4, Insightful) 71

Am I being overly concerned about building an access channel into the phone designed to yield aspects of phone control to another party. I can't imagine that hackers and cracker worldwide wouldn't hit this new feature like a schist-storm looking to use it as a pry tool to access control of people's Win-Phones. I guess MS is safe as long as the number of users is too small to justify the interest of the hackers.

Comment Re:so its not global warming? (Score 1) 111

So the majority of forest isn't burned, and hasn't burned in the past, every bit of cellulose sequesters atmospheric carbon. Yon can release all of that by burning down the entire forest, but immediately, new growth will take up where the old growth left off. What part of that is unclear?

Comment Re:But but (Score 2) 156

Sadly, human beings desperately want the world to fit their orthodoxies. The fallacy is that the world is bigger and more complex than any orthodoxy, and that trying to put the world in an ideological box, whether it be religious, geopolitical or sociological demands that people heavily filter reality to see only the part that fit's in their grand scheme of things.

The brave mind starts with nothing, and let's the world inform them. This demands rigor, patience and brutal honesty. You have to be willing to discover yourself completely mistaken, forced to go back to the drawing board as soon as the facts say as much. People love their world views more than the truth, and that is the down side of magical thinking.

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