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Comment Re:I have no idea (Score 4, Interesting) 498

We pay extra to get power from renewable sources. The money goes directly to a company which only operates and builds up renewable energy sources. Of course we actually get power from our local utility, but each kWh we use is actually delivered into the German/European power grid somewhere from regenerative power sources.

Of course, since the plants (wind, mostly) are already built, their power would end up in the network anyway. But this way, the huge and pretty horrible ex-state monopolies don't get any of our money (the local utility company is publicly owned), and instead a company which invests into renewables gets most of it.

Comment Re:The actual damages... (Score 1) 647

Language and meanings is malleable, and much of if it is metaphorical at heart (sic!). Words (phrases, all utterances, really) have a central meaning and a multitude of non-central meanings. I would argue with great confidence that your sentences rely on non-central meanings of the word, which are nonetheless easily derived from the central meaning because people are very good at it.

In the end, whether or not copyright infringement "is" stealing depends on your definition of the word -- obviously! Whether it "is" stealing is also irrelevant: in the end, copyright infringement is copyright infringement, and our treatment of it should be based on its characteristics, not on some kind of analogy or categorization.

Comment Re:One dimension is not enough... (Score 1) 639

We have very strict social rules about sexual behavior and we still end up with carelessly conceived children. We have extremely harsh rules about drug use, and drug-related crime and addiction are still a problem.

That said I see where you are coming from and it's something to keep in mind: what are the externalities of freedom X in comparison with strict regulation of X?

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