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Comment Re:Ethanol 10% causes more gasoline usage. (Score 1) 586

I mean seriously.. if it causes us to use more gasoline to go the same miles-- why are we doing this?


My results are pretty much the same. I switched a few years back to non-ethanol gas - I use "premium" non-ethanol. I end up saving a tiny bit of money with the extra mileage I get and my mid-90's vehicle runs better (IMO).

Definitely NOT scientific proof, but it works for me.

It is "cheaper" to fuel up with E10 or whatever - i.e., I could fill my tank for less cash (and that is exactly as far as most people think it through) but the reduced mileage kills it for me.

Happily, a local station I stop at anyway stocks non-ethanol fuel - I don't know if I'd drive across town to fuel up or anything like that.

Comment Re:Not all ethanol is created the same (Score 1) 586

How long do we throw money at corn based ethanol praying that the producers invest in cellulose alcohol production?

We've been throwing money into this barrel since what? 1978?

Sugar cane is not really an option - it doesn't grow well in the vast majority of the US.

Corn is "safer" for the producers - i.e., they have several potential markets for their corn.

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