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Comment Re:Killing Innovation? (Score 1) 165

Why would Android be a crazy stretch for a search engine and advertising company? Android supports their core business by extending Google services everywhere. They don't make money off Android directly, that's why it's open source.

Sounds to me like they're consolidating their projects and experiments and focusing on the ones which can drive and support their core business (advertising), which is what any sensible corporation does.

Comment Re:Over here in the UK and Europe... (Score 3, Informative) 1017

Yeah unlike the UK where an innocent Brazilian electrician gets hunted down by plain clothes police and shot seven times in the head. And then the police get off scot-free, nobody involved is ever punished, while the police obstruct justice, lie about and cover up their errors and work hard to smear the murdered man's reputation.

No fucking thanks.

Comment Re:AZ isn't anti-immigrant (Score 1) 835

It's a kind of self-preservation tactic. Usually by people who are insecure, selfish and opportunistic.

For example, in Australia I've noticed that there are a significant number of ethnic minority politicians who sign up with the larger right-wing parties who are always very anti-illegal immigrant/anti-asylum seeker etc.

I think of it as a kind of collaboration with the occupiers. Ally yourself with the all-powerful and suck up to them so that they don't persecute you as well.

Comment Re:AZ isn't anti-immigrant (Score 0) 835

Hmm I dunno, I don't think there is much difference between disgust and hate.

This is exactly how the right-wingers and shock jocks portray refugees/asylum seekers and other "undesirables" such as Muslims in Australia. Queue jumpers, illegals, terrorists, organised criminals/gangsters, persecutors of Christianity. "The illegals want to come here and change our way of life and dictate how we live our lives" and other such lies. The illegals/Muslims spit on the street, rape your teenage daughters, etc. Oh, and the "reverse racism" card gets played a lot too.

"The illegals are racist against us (White Anglo-Saxon Australians)!!!!" and "We are being racially demonised in our own country!"

It's all very calculated and it happens with the tacit approval of the government which remains largely silent about this kind of insidious propaganda.

Comment Re:Worked at a Symbian-using Japanese Company (Score 1) 246

The iPhone 4 is much better now in this regard, the oleophobic coating actually works. I rarely notice my fingerprints on the screen.

My original iPad and original iPhone 1st gen are pretty horrible with fingerprint smudges constantly visible. I've been told the iPad 2 is still the same in this regard.

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