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Comment Re:You don't say... (Score 2) 245

I think claiming to have 192kHz DACs and then sticking a 20kHz filter in front of them would be...misleading. And looking at the datasheet it certainly suggests that the cutoff moves with sampling rate.

But whatever the cause, the point is that something like that should not pass without comment; that it has done indicates to me that the reviewer may not be particularly familiar with the subject.

Comment Re:You don't say... (Score 4, Insightful) 245

I think what's most telling about their analysis is on the 96kHz plots. The Realtek consistently drops to nothing around 20kHz, and yet apparently that didn't mean anything to them other than "look how well these results fit with out hypothesis". Anyone who actually knew something about didgital audio would think "either I've set this up wrong or the drivers/hardware are bust, because this thing is blatantly stuck at 44.1kHz".

The only other thing to be gleaned from the graphs is that running at 96kHz is pointless because the supposedly better cards' performance FUCKING SUCKS past 20kHz.

Comment Re:UK did not extradite... (Score 2) 276

Going by the information in that article, I have to say I agree with the justices. That's a fucked up system you guys have got:

The justices in London outlined a litany of concerns in their June 20 decision, noting offenders don't have to be mentally ill to be committed; their offenses don't have to be recent; and in some cases, they don't even have to have been convicted of a crime.

As of April 1, 641 people were in Minnesota's program...some who say it holds people indefinitely after their prison sentences. One 64-year-old man received a provisional discharge earlier this year...Only one other person was ever released from the program, and was soon taken back into custody on a violation.

Comment Re:There is not even a way to remove it! (Score 1) 346

What the fuck are you talking about? The complaint that people have is that an email address appears on their profiles. It is possible to remove that email address from their profiles. But you don't want to remove the email address from your profile, you want to delete it from your profile. Because deOHMYGODI'MWASTINGMYLIFE

Red Hat Will Pay Microsoft To Get Past UEFI Restrictions 809

ToriaUru writes "Fedora is going to pay Microsoft to let them distribute a PC operating system. Microsoft is about to move from effectively owning the PC hardware platform to literally owning it. Once Windows 8 is released, hardware manufacturers will be forced to ship machines that refuse to run any software that is not explicitly approved by Microsoft — and that includes competing operating systems like Linux. Technically Fedora didn't have to go down this path. But, as this article explains, they are between a rock and a hard place: if they didn't pay Microsoft to let them onto the PC platform, they would have to explain to their potential users how to mess with firmware settings just to install the OS. How long before circumventing the secure boot mechanism is considered a DMCA violation and a felony?" Note that the author says this is likely, but that the entire plan is not yet "set in stone."

Microsoft Wrongly Gives Britain the Day Off 253

Barence writes "An error in Outlook's public holidays calendar has incorrectly given Britons the day off work. Today was originally meant to be a Bank Holiday in Britain, but the holiday was postponed for a week to coincide with the Queen's diamond jubilee next week. However, Microsoft Outlook and Windows Live services are still reporting today as Britain's Spring Bank Holiday, potentially tricking Britons into believing they have the day off work."

Comment Give it up (Score 0) 94

This is the third story about this vulnerability.

"OMG - some software has a vulnerability!"
"OMG - someone's written a proof of concept attack!"
"OMG - someone else has done the same!"

This is even more ridiculous than stories about Bitcoin or the Raspberry Pi. Well, maybe not Bitcoin; that's just fucking retarded.

Comment Re:nice. (Score 1) 310

If you put "each" "word" "in" "quotes" then it works as intended. It's fucking ridiculous that you have to, mind. The other thing that's starting to piss me off is the auto-correction. Now it's brilliant that if someone searches for "diarea" it'll offer you pages about bum gravy. But (and I can't think of any real examples, so just play along) I hate that if I search for "cat food" it'll say "showing results for 'dog food'" and you have to explicitly click to tell it to search for the words you typed in the first place.

tl;dr: Google search is starting to suck.

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