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Comment Re:*facepalm* (Score 1) 306

All of Germany (or at least those that understand how a computer works) has been facepalming over this since it was introduced (article is in German) 10 days ago.

What's worse: It was lauded by our minister of consumer protection as an example of German innovation. How embarrassing. Government-sponsored publicity for something that even the inventor admits won't stop anyone from taking a screenshot. Geeks in Germany have been taking the system apart over the last couple of days. There's already a hack that circumvents the Firefox plugin.


Submission + - Attention all CryptoNerds (

MsAsti writes: If Bruce Schneier had been at Bletchley Park in 1939 the Nazis would have lost the second world war before it even started. Although 71 years late, if anyone can break Enigma before it was invented, Bruce Schneier can. The New Crypto League of Schenier, Diffie, Clark, and Khan will be speaking at a fundraiser for The Bletchley Park Trust and The National Museum of Computing on November 6th in the hallowed halls of Station X. Pray for a time vortex!

Comment Re:Did anyone ever actively use it? (Score 1) 327

I was invited into it, so I signed up. Looked around and couldn't find a way to make it useful to me

For me, the "now what?" moment was more of "now where are all the people I know and want to work with?" I think Wave is a rare case where the "by invitation only" technique worked against it. To make use of Wave, all the people you want to work with need to be able to sign up. The invitation was an additional hurdle to its adoption.

Comment Taxi Drivers (Score 1) 519

Somewhat related: These days even the taxi drivers don't know the way any more. It used to be such that you could jump into a taxi, mention the address and off we'd go.

Last time I used a taxi, the driver asked me for directions. Then, when I couldn't provide them, I had to spell out the address for him (he hadn't heard of the street before) so that he could type it into his sat-nav.

Not sure if that's really a problem, but I somehow felt cheated. Isn't it his job to know these things?


Submission + - German member of parliament joins Pirate PArty

Political Observer writes: Jörg Tauss, member of the German Parliament, Bundestag, left the social democratic party SPD, which is part of a coalition government, and announced (German article on his site) to join the German Pirate Party. He left the SPD after most members of the party voted for a new censorship law which passed the parliament on Thursday. The law, which aims at blocking child pornography, introduces an infrastructure for DNS based content blocking and is subject of major critics from Internet users.

In March 2009 Tauss became subject of investigations by the German police for owning child pornographic material. He said he owned this material only due to research as part of his role as member of parliament. Investigations are still running.

Submission + - German Member of Parliament supports Pirate Party 1

erlehmann writes: "On todays rally against internet censorship in Berlin, German long-term member of parliament Jörg Tauss announced he had quit the Social Democratic Party (SPD) and will support the Pirate Party in the upcoming elections (Twitter status, press statement, both in German). Tauss, Member of Parliament since 1994, is widely regarded as an internet expert and was one of only 4 politicians of the ruling coalition voting against the bill implementing secret lists of censored web content under the guise of fighting child porn, which has since become law.

Critics point to an ongoing investigation against Tauss regarding child porn, while he himself says he only purchased the pictures in question to prove that the internet is not a primary distribution channel and had hopes of blowing up a child porn ring. The Social Democratic Party has asked Tauss to resign from parliament after he quit the party."

Submission + - Pirate Party may enter German parliament

pirap writes: "Today Joerg Tauss (SPD) announced the leave from his party due to a recently decided law which introduces entry-censorship in the German internet. As he is currently a member of the German parliament and just confirmed his application for the German Pirate Party (German press release), he may become the first pirate in a national parliament until the next elections in September."

Submission + - Google Summer of Code announces mentor projects!

mithro writes: "As everyone should already know, Google is running the Summer of Code again this year. For those who don't know, GSoC is where Google funds student's to participate in Open Source projects and has been running for 5 years, bringing together over 2600 students and 2500 mentors from nearly 100 countries worldwide. Google has just announced the projects which will be mentor organizations this year. It includes a great list of Open Source projects from a wide range of different genres, include content management systems, compilers, many programming languages and even a bunch of games!"

Comment Re:Headphones (Score 1) 379

You kill the third-party market

Several third parties have already announced headphones compatible with the new iPod Shuffle. Sounds more like stimulation of the third-party market to me.

There are a lot of third-party accessories for the iPod out there. If anything, this is killing the third-party market for competing players, since they don't sell nearly as much of them and so it's not profitable for the makers of cases etc.

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