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Comment Good luck with that (Score 1) 360

You can tell them og write it to them but don't expect it to work.

Best I can think of is to write a bug report to their bug report. So when your get a useless bug report, write back and explain what is wrong with the report and how it should have looked. Explain to them that your crystal ball is broken, so you don't know what the "it" in "it doesn't work" is. Asked them read the bug report before they send it and then stop and think if it even makes any nice but firm about what you require to fix the bug and let them know that it will make the process go much faster....but guess what...none of this will work.

If you want to make it stop - get another job. ;-)

For the record - no, I am not bitter (yet) but I just sent a new site into test and I am just waiting for the first useless bug report that ignores all the instructions I gave.

Comment Not illegal in Denmark. (Score 1) 350

There is no way in hell this is illegal in Denmark and I doubt that it is illegal in Sweden & Norway. In reading the article this seems more a matter of being afraid that the game or company might get the stigma of paedophilia attached to it.

Keeping child molesters away from children = Good

Saying that everything involving children is child molestation = Not so much.

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