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Comment Google Apps for your domain? (Score 1) 286

Why not just sign up for a free (plus $10/year for the domain name if you don't already have one) Google Apps account? You can create up to 50 real mailboxes (and forward them), multiple aliases to a mailbox, simple "mailing lists", turn the catch-all ON or OFF, etc.

The combination of those features and an easy-to-use dashboard (plus all of the filtering that basic GMail has) make it really easy to manage use-specific and throw-away addresses without running you own mail server.

Comment Re:Big Brother? Not Quite. (Score 3, Informative) 425

For the most part, red meat has only been really bad for you since the end of World War II. A glut of manufacturing capacity and petroleum lead to a massive increase in the mechanization of grain farming (especially corn) in North America. This led to a precipitous drop in price due to over-supply, and farmers turned to feeding it to livestock to produce a "value-add" via conversion to more-valuable animal protein.

The problem is that the digestive systems and metabolisms of grazing animals are suited to forage diets (grass), not grain. Grain has much higher ratios of Omega-6 fatty acids compared to the mostly Omega-3 fatty acids found in the non-grain parts of grasses, so feeding grains to grazing animals greatly elevates the Omega-6 fatty acids that then end up in the meat (and have other health consequences for the grazing animals). Eating the meat from animals fed this way ends up having health consequences for humans.

I would recommend meats such as pastured poultry and grass-fed, grass-finished beef (in addition to fish) to reduce the Omega-6 fatty acids compared to the typical American diet.

Comment Re:false dichotomy (Score 2, Insightful) 200

It is exactly because the Founding Fathers could not see the future that the U.S. Constitution has an amendment process. It is difficult to argue that the commerce and general welfare clauses (relative to the founders' original intent; read the Federalist Papers) have been utterly abused to expand the Federal government at the expense of the states and the people.

We have the Supreme Court to thank for this state of affairs, with the real damage starting during the New Deal era, when they could not stand up to Roosevelt's threats to expand and stack the Court. (On a somewhat related note regarding expansion of the Federal government, modern economists seem to be equally split on whether the New Deal turned a bad recession into the Great Depression or not.)

So, if health care is supposed to be "right", then why not add an amendment to the U.S. Constitution making it so. Ditto Social Security. Otherwise, give this responsibility back to the states where it (currently, without changing the Constitution) belongs.

My biggest complaint with the Federal government is that much of it is simply unconstitutional. Also, a Federal bureaucracy seems to add a lot of wasteful "friction" to the tax dollars collected. Wouldn't they be better (more efficiently) spent if collected at the state level and spent in that state?

Comment There is no fundamental right to not be offended. (Score 1) 391

This is part of a larger problem brought on by movements such as political correctness (and by some racial, cultural, and religious groups) where people are developing a belief that they have a "right" to silence anything that offends them. This is completely counter to free speech.

There is always the risk that some people will be offended when someone else is exercising their free speech rights. The person being bullied in this case could just choose to not watch a video that offends him or her. Governments turning into "nanny states" to prevent their poor, defenseless citizens from being threatened or offended by online content are going to have a real chilling effect on exercise of free speech, even in countries where supposedly that right still exists.

Comment Re:They will still control Google (Score 3, Informative) 339

Nope. One Class B share becomes one Class A share. The voting strength decreases from 10 votes per share (Class B) to 1 vote per share (Class A). All of the early Google option grants (not just the shares owned by the founders) are Class B. One of the conditions in the option grants of Class B shares is that they cannot be sold without first being converted to Class A shares.

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 406

Except that a "Buy It Now" item on eBay does not change in price. So:
  1. find item you were planning to buy on eBay anyway for the "Buy It Now" price
  2. "search" for it on Bing and click on the eBay ad (even an unrelated eBay ad will work)
  3. buy the original item in question (even if you have to search within eBay or access it from your "Watched" list)
  4. Profit!

This is the only Bing searching I ever do, and I maxxed out the $2500 from Bing (and it was often instant cashback straight into my PayPal account, with no 60-day wait).

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