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Comment Re:People's instincts are correct (Score 1) 367

Do you have anything more than pointless rhetoric and tired similes to argue your point?

You have no idea how much knowledge anyone here has on this subject, yet you continue to make the baseless claim that we don't have the knowledge and/or wisdom.

You cannot use the fact that someone disagree with you to conclude that they are wrong. If you can't see that most elementary piece of logic, you really need to stop talking.

Oh, nevermind...I just skimmed over your posting history. Don't bother responding.

Comment Re:People's instincts are correct (Score 1) 367

So do you have evidence of any of your claims, or are you just spreading alarmist BS because you think it makes you look intelligent

What cautionary tales are you talking about? By and large, our work so far in genetic engineering has been massively successful.

We won't know if we have the wisdom and knowledge to be editing our genome until we try.

What do you think is going to happen that is so worrysome?

Comment Re:AWS Sucks (Score 1) 75

AWS sucks because it's impossible to know what you need to buy and how much you're going to get billed.

I take it you haven't seen their cost calculator?


Plug in the services you are using, # of instances, storage, etc and it spits out a fairly detailed estimate of your monthly costs.

Comment Re:Communications is aiding terror? (Score 1) 204

You may be too young to remember, but this was frequently an argument over Usenet censorship during early-to-mid 1990ies — that by censoring some posts an ISP may lose their Common Carrier status and have to sensor all posts from then on.

You may be too old to remember, but ISP's were dragged kicking and screaming into being classified as Common Carriers just last year. The FCC forced this status upon them in order to enact net neutrality rules. I'd give you a link, but you helpfully already did...see the last sentence under "Telecommunications".

In the early to mid 1990ies, ISP's most certainly did not have common carrier status.

Comment Re:History repeats itself (Score 1) 387

"There is only one universe" - sounds like theological clam. And just as unconfirmed ad multiverses.
"Time is real" - Einstein might disagree. Time is the imaginary part in the complex equations of space-time.
"Math is selectively real" - Only f the reality is defined by the capabilities of our brains and our technologies,

"There is only one universe" - We know there is one universe. From what I've seen, multiverse theory is not falsifiable. This makes it bad science.
"Time is real" - Einstein would not disagree. Yes, it is the imaginary part of complex equations, that does not make it unreal. Your suggestion is is just conflating different meanings of the term "real", and you know that.
"Math is selectively real - Only f the reality is defined by the capabilities of our brains and our technologies" - I have no idea what you mean by this. If you are arguing for Platonism, you'll need to provide a better argument.

Comment Re:Major Colvin (Score 1) 983

Regan declared The War On Drugs and, unsurprisingly, people started acting like warriors.

I have a feeling this situation is going to spiral out of control pretty quickly.

Regan declared the war on drugs in 1982. The term "war on drugs" was first coined by Nixon in 1971.

That's a strange definition of "pretty quickly"

Comment Re:whining (Score 3, Insightful) 122

Only people that talk 24/7 need a second battery. I'm surprised you are not complaining that apple only has 1 mouse button. Time to move on.

I want a removable battery so I don't have to pay a $100-$300 charge when my battery completely dies after a couple of years. I'm still using a Galaxy S3, and am about to switch to my 3rd battery.

No, I don't upgrade my smartphone like a lemming every's a phone...I don't need a faster processor, more memory, fingerprint scanner, rectal thermometer or any of the other widgets offered on new phones. I think it is insane that society now considers a $500-$1000 computing device "throwaway".

That being said, I will likely be upgrading in the next year or two for a larger screen & better camera. I will only look at phones with a replaceable battery.

Comment Re:Well, that sounded extremely patronizing. (Score 1) 317

but people are not starving to death on the streets either.

Actually, they are:

What, do you really think a multi-billion dollar charity organisation randomly decided to send 100,000 chickens to a country that doesn't need them?

This is more about the ass-hat pride of the Bolivian politicians than any wrongdoing on the Gates foundations part. But hey, this is Slashdot, so obviously it's all Bill's fault.

Comment Re:A new class of rich assholes (Score 1) 207

Where money is a substitute for intellect

From Wikipedia
"Myhrvold was born in Seattle, Washington. He attended Mirman School,[4] and began college at age 14.[5] He studied mathematics, geophysics, and space physics at UCLA (BSc, Masters). He was awarded a Hertz Foundation Fellowship for graduate study and studied at Princeton University, where he earned a master's degree in mathematical economics and completed a PhD in theoretical and mathematical physics.[6] He also attended Santa Monica College. For one year, he held a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Cambridge working under Stephen Hawking (along with a number of other students)."

Rich and smart are not necessarily mutually exclusive.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 259

You missed an important or in the OP.

The product keys, Microsoft said, were used "more times than is authorized by the applicable software license,"
used by "someone other than the authorized licensee,"
were "activated outside the region for which they were intended."

These were likely bulk keys that allow multiple activations, but are being activated by the wrong person.

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