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Submission + - "Slashdot effect" is part of the English language (theregister.co.uk)

SEWilco writes: The phrase "Slashdot effect" is now part of the English language, according to the English TV show "Countdown". The Internet also added paywall, unfriend/defriend, tag cloud, hashtag and tweetup to the language, while that real-world thing added epigenome, ecohacking, phantonym, redact, and zombie bank.

Submission + - Asteroid explodes over Indonesia (nasa.gov)

SEWilco writes: A small asteroid exploded over Indonesia on October 8, 2009, high enough that nobody was injured. The NASA/JPL NEO estimate is that the airburst explosion was similar to 50KT of TNT, and similar events are expected every 2-12 years. Local TV reported on the explosion and dust trail. The Telegraph points out that this rock was about one-sixth of the Tunguska object.

Submission + - Prius control problems

SEWilco writes: Seattle News is reporting that stories of Prius problems are accumulating. Causes of unintended acceleration and braking failures have not been identified, other than floor mats which may interfere with the accelerator pedal. Floor mat problems do not explain all the events, including one during a test drive.

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