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Comment Re:What a strange comparison (Score 1) 177

I've seen lots of studies saying exactly that. I've also seen some that say the have no effect. Most of the studies that say they are helping say they increase student engagement which normally helps with attendance and test scores. As far as IT staff. Chromebooks are easy, they are all managed centrally from a website. iPads aren't bad and can be manged through special software centrally. The biggest problem is its a lot more devices with the same number of people or less.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 321

I completely agree. I do not think this is a millennial problem. I go to the theater a lot, and I'm in this age group as well, the one's I see using there phones are either younger 12-15 year old or older such as in the 40s or 50s. I only see it maybe one movie in every 20 or 30 that I go to. It also depends on the movie that is showing, tend to see it more in comedies aimed at teens or those romance dramas. If they really want to attract millennials, this is not the way to do it. My suggestion is offer a place social engagement before or after the movie. Look at some of the things Alamo drafthouse is doing with a bar attached to the theater plus good dine in theaters with good food that you'd find in a decent restaurant. There is even one not very far from there new expensive Leawood Headquarters in downtown Kansas City, I'm sure they they can find it, it use to be an AMC.

Comment Re:And there was much rejoicing! (Score 1) 581

I've decided I don't like or trust anyone from either of the two major parties that is running so I've decided write in Edward Snowden just because it would be funny. It would be even funnier if he it cracked a few percentage points and was reported in the news. What would also be entertaining is if Trump and Sanders are the last two standing.

Comment Re:Why is Police band unencrypted? (Score 1) 82

Several states have laws restricting the use of police scanners while driving. Most just restrict the use while committing a crime so it just becomes something else they can use to add to the list of charges. Others restrict using a scanner while driving. Some departments use to have alternate channels that where not published before digital bands that they would switch to when needed.

Submission + - Intel Buys Altera for $16.7 Billion (

An anonymous reader writes: Today Intel purchased chipmaker Altera for $16.7 billion. This follows another huge purchase in the semiconductor industry last week, when Avago snapped up Broadcom for $37 billion. This has been a record year for consolidation within the industry, as growth slows and stock prices begin to stagnate. Altera had already rejected an offer from Intel, but shareholders pressured them to reconsider. "Acquiring Altera may help Intel defend and extend its most profitable business: supplying server chips used in data centers. While sales of semiconductors for PCs are declining as more consumers rely on tablets and smartphones to get online, the data centers needed to churn out information and services for those mobile devices are driving orders for higher-end Intel processors and shoring up profitability."

Comment Commercial lighting (Score 1) 445

At work (school district in a low income area), we have been looking at Totus Solutions LED security lighting platform. Each LED is aimed and they can be programmed to be dimmed when no one is in the parking lot. Looking at a demo model and pictures of installations, they produce very little light pollution if any.

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