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Comment Re:That's strange.. (Score 1) 859

The police should list "lack of skill" as a cause, not speed.

The National Transportation Safety Board's aircraft accident investigations are an excellent model for this. The vast majority of aircraft accidents are caused, ultimately, by "pilot error", analogous to "lack of skill". I'm guessing the police don't have a year to spend investigating each and every accident, though. (That's the typical time period of an NTSB investigation, and obviously the NTSB has several orders of magnitude fewer accidents to investigate each year.)


Comment Re:Avoid American Airlines (Score 1) 303

Er, that's exactly the *point*. Why do you think everyone "unbundled" those services? Because when the first airline did it, all of a sudden, everyone else offering flights from JFK to LAX got shoved down the list at Travelocity or Orbitz. Travelers are generally idiots and only think about what the face value of a ticket is, without considering what other costs may be attached to it that they're not seeing on the search results screen. The airlines know this and price accordingly. It's not rocket science.


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