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Comment Re:Great Idea (Score 1) 108


You ramble on and on with your inane and worthless counter arguments. Trolls have had the same definition online for AGES now, and you've gone out and created your own definition of what a troll is for the context of this story and discussion. If you do not understand those basic things then, by all means, shut up as I have previously requested of you

You also didn't merely "seem" serious. You obviously WERE serious. So trying to lie your way out of your stupidity is just making you look worse. Also, you DID disagree with him. You disagreed with his basis for his joke about Chrome. You got all huffy and puffy and started to blow things down, but you sadly can only blow certain things down well. His joke not being such a thing.

Grow a damned sense of humor and stop labeling everything as troll. Learn what trolls do, how they operate and WHY they operate. If levity is something you can't handle, then just fucking move on and keep your trap shut.

Comment Re:That's not a bad idea. (Score 2) 176

You can basically euthanize them for free. Send them to Mars and when they are half way there, turn off all life support systems. Then turn the craft around, rename it to make it seem as though it's another vehicle being sent to rendezvous with the previous one, rinse and repeat.

This may or may not work. But worth a try, right?

Comment I'm not a Brogrammer... (Score 1) 715

...but I play one on the intertubes.

I am really shocked that this is something someone cared enough to write about. I know plenty of female coders (vagrammers?) and a lot of them far surpass the younger male programmers. Sometimes, while observing them in their natural habitat, I've even seen mate with one another. Night vision has done wonders for observing the local wildlife in it's most comfortable setting.

Comment Re:another sad example (Score 1) 42

What has the law and its enforcement got to do with politics?

Pretty sure his next post will explain how the Military Industrial Complex is inventing these companies just to troll one another in patent fights in order to milk billions and billions of dollars more from innocent, unsuspecting world citizens while simultaneously funding World War III and helping Iran to create tons and tons of Uranium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulators as well as the newer, more terrifying Illudium Pu-36 Explosive Space Modulators.

If you'd just open your eyes and stop believing what is spoon fed to you by the elite banker controlled media (aka, slashdot), then you would have clearly seen this.

Comment Re:Hey guys, STFU and build a rocket, would you? (Score 1) 616

Yeah, it's great that this is somehow your big issue now. But would it pain you all too much to get together and maybe concentrate on making the U.S. a country capable of putting a man into space again? I mean, debate is great and all, but I'm getting a little creeped-out by the way the Chinese are laughing at us.

You know things are getting pretty bad when you start longing for the days when a former Nazi was giving NASA moral leadership.

Chinese Government is watching you.

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