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Submission + - AMD announces Redeon HD 7970, "The World's Fastest (

expo53d writes: A fresh contender for your blow-out 2012 Olympic gaming rig: AMD's first 28nm GPU, the Radeon HD 7970. It's scheduled to arrive on January 9th, priced at $549 — nearly $200 more than its direct ancestor, the 6970. Then again, this newcomer packs some supremely athletic specs, including a 925MHz engine clock that can be readily OC'd to 1.1GHz, 2,048 stream processors and an uncommonly muscular 384-bit memory bus serving 3GB of GDDR5. At the same time, AMD hopes to make the card more practical than the dual-processor 6990 by bringing the card's power consumption down to less than 300W under load and a mere 3W in 'long idle' mode, and promising quieter cooling thanks to improved airflow and a bigger fan.

Comment Security? (Score 1) 173

IHMO, any government/sensitive systems should be completely isolated from the internet. It surprises me that much of the US infrastructure is connected to the internet. Why does the US CoC need internet controlled thermostats? That just opens up vulnerabilities. On another note, why was the thermostat communicating with China? If these attacks were as professional as claimed and went undetected for a year, then you would suspect the "professional" hackers would use a proxy or some sort of onion routing. And the printer printing Chinese characters? Why would a hacker do that? And couldn't any "hacker" (not necessarily Chinese) have the printer print Chinese characters? The US will get its systems secured sooner to later, but if they don't secure it now by their will, they will be *forced* to secure it later.

Submission + - Android Activations Reach 700,000 Per Day (

expo53d writes: Andy Rubin, Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google, announced on this Google+ page that Android now has 700,000 unique activations per day. This is an increase from the previous 500,000 activations per day. Discuss.

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