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Comment Top ./ story fights for Poll compliance (Score 1) 542

The TV remote control designer passed away a few days ago, and was obviously gunning for the top rated "Currently Dead Inventor".

We will take a moment's silence to remember his passing, and luckily, by using the Mute button, we can start the silence without getting up!

Comment Re:A week? (Score 1) 1004

"Which is when the see it if they pirate it, so it appears to work for some folks. Also, they have these things called DVRs now."

Firstly, all I was saying is that no network can be held responsible for the show not being simulcast to all regions at once. It's just a logistical nightmare. Maybe it would be possible to do for 1 show with a less-than-24-hour delay, but not the 100s of shows on all around the world.

Secondly, are you seriously suggesting that a TV station would willingly put a series on TV at a time when they could expect to get a large proportion of viewers via DVR? I'm sure the advertisers (those paying to let you watch the show) would think that was a great idea!

Comment Re:A week? (Score 3, Interesting) 1004

A serious problem that cannot be sorted by the "antiquated methodology" is that the US primetime slot is far removed from the Australian and European primetime slot. A network is not to going to the air the episode when HBO do, just to get it "live". It would be on at 10:30am over here if they did.

Comment Re:A week? (Score 5, Funny) 1004

"fans of the show have to wait a week before they can see the latest episode. So it's hardly a surprise that some people are turning to BitTorrent instead"

I live in Australia as well, and it's intolerable that we have to wait for our entertainment. I mean, those lazy American's are always a few days more entertained than we are!
Some fool tried to tell me that entertainment wasn't measured by the latency between a show airing and my viewing of it - how ridiculous!?!!? What a notion?

And don't get me started on the olympics - I'm considering suing the IOC everytime the Olympics are held abroad. I, and countless others Aussies, will have to wait til the evening to get any live action, whilst the English can watch it in the morning and afternoon as it happens. Outrageous!

sincerely, Balzi

Comment It's April 1st here! or is it... ?!?! (Score 2) 336

Well it's ticked over April 1st in Australia, but there's a few hours to go in the US. So while it's probably not an April's fool joke, it would be very clever and ironic to have a story about a hoax that poked fun at a marginal group, that turned out to be a "joke's on you" non-hoax. It would be the pinnacle of double-negative April Fool's jokes spawning a new genre of April Fool's jokes. I love the complexity and humour and mind-bending second-guesses, but unfortunately I think I've just convinced myself that the ./ mods would *never* be able to concieve such a devious plot. oh well!

Comment Re:You keep using that word. (Score 3, Insightful) 274

um.. ok, after reading the "My phone would be nearly useless unhacked." post following mine, I think there's more to the unlocked/locked ambiguity than I thought.
Maybe the next poll should be:
I thought the previous poll was about..
.. my keypad!
.. my phone carrier!
.. my phone's OS!
.. my SIM PIN!
.. my SD card write-protect switch!
.. my Bluetooth Enable setting!
.. Cowboy Neal only rings me on Wednesday's at 8pm after which I incinerate the phone, and buy a new one the next Wednesday.

Comment You keep using that word. (Score 5, Insightful) 274

I do not think it means what you think it means!

82.474% of the confusion here is due to the ambiguity of "locked" and "unlocked" - does it mean the keypad is (un)locked, or the phone is (not) locked to a certain carrier company?
The results here might even be more meaningless than normal! wow!

Comment Re:Wankers! (Score 1) 82

Yep.. totally Agree. Why complain about accidently watching some humour that wastes your time, when you chose to waste the time coming to a news site?

Maybe whining would be sensible if you only had 5 minutes each day to read news, and you had a medical condition called chronic-hyper-inverse-news-allergy.
I think not!

Comment Re:Depends (Score 1) 717

We (Aussies) call that tailgating, and you'll get fined for it just as much as speeding.

(Interesting side note, I recently learnt that the US uses "tailgating" to refer to something not really related at all, except that vehicles are involved in both.)

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