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Comment Hmmm.. (Score 1) 3

Cost.. I am not worried about radioactive.. a lot of medical items are radio active.. so are bananas... Cost is the issue... When I buy the car will I have to pay the equivelent of 7,500 gallons of gas per gram of thorium? What kind of mechanic would we need to fix it if it broke down? Would it be reliable? ok, so one radioactive concern.. what if you wreck the car... will we have a miniature radioactive fallout? Just a few of several questions...
I do like the idea; however, provided that it won't break the bank.

Comment My point... (Score 1) 1

The Attitude thing is a large part of my dislike for the company... Don't touch me, everything is proprietary so everything costs 2x as much etc.. but it looks cool. I also like #3 Bully tactics... pretty obvious where that applies today. I can give them credit on some things, like not being microsoft.. but that doesn't fix the other issues. They have money and power now, but having the wrong attitude and change that over time.

Comment The Bad Apple (Score 1) 181

As i said in a previous articles post... At first I just was not an apple fan.. now I truly HATE apple. Take your crap somewhere else. You feel so threatened by Android you are running trying to get your mommy to fix it. Just eat this apple and poo it out... I hope the day comes - again - and you have the same thing happen to you, then go bankrupt for your atrocities. Btw I claim the rectangle... I remember drawing it on paper when I was a kid... and my mother still has the blueprints!

Comment wellll.... (Score 1) 1

I do not see a way totally around this, regardless, there will be ways to cause some havoc or some other problem will prevail.. creating a secure radio that is not going to be really expensive, or be user friendly enough for the less advanced users to use is a bit of a stretch. Even if we did.. give it a few years and someone will figure it out with another toy....

This device complies with part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions:
1.This device may not cause harmful interference, and
2. this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.
Those two alone seem to sum up both sides of the issue...

I am really split on this one... yes I do not think peoples personal info should be spilled onto unencrypted airways... yet also, i do not think the police or any government offier should have a closed communications network... the fact that something is monitored outside the area it is used helps prevent corrupt or inapropriate communications (outside of personal info transmissions)

Comment Re:i dont see it (Score 1) 317

Another way to look at this...
If you are the Mail server operator and the company you work for does something to upset a lot of people, just to have them send you tons of emails... (even though they were asked to by the union they worked for).. whos fault is that? well if your company did not make the decision they did, then you would not have received an overload of emails, hence it was your companies fault...
The same would apply regardless if it were a person, union, corporation, government, grandma, whoever... If you do not want a problem, don't start one. simple enough.....

Comment Re:i dont see it (Score 1) 317

LOL Ok well lets go ahead and force all mail server operators to have to accept any outrageous amount of incoming mail.... Please do not send emails and call excessively just because you can not handle that! Don't complain excessively when we ignore your plea.
I gurantee you if you had an issue with something you seriously disagreed with you are not going to sit on ur butt waiting for something to happen, you are going to get yourself noticed however possible...
If you don't like running a mail server... quit getting paid for it and do something else.

Comment i dont see it (Score 1) 317

So if a company does something that causes them to receive complaints the complainer is a hacker, what crap Is that. The blame should be on the company for making a bad decision. I have the freedom to communicate with them as much as I want, especially if they are not addressing my issue. I think the people approving this junk needs to be jailed. So if a company were to release a bad product and consumers were to send lots of emails demanding a fix they would be hackers too? Man I never knew how much I really hacked... let's send emails demanding this get fixed....

Comment a Bad Apple (Score 1) 1

At first I just was not an apple fan.. now I truly HATE apple. Take your crap somewhere else. You feel so threatened by Android you are running trying to get your mommy to fix it. Just eat this apple and poo it out... I hope the day comes - again - and you have the same thing happen to you, then go bankrupt for your atrocities.

Comment Come on people open your eyes... (Score 1) 286

I personally think all phone companies are not trying to expand as fast as they can and are using that as a scheme to charge more for data plans etc... Also forcing their current workers to work really hard, giving the illusion they are trying. Again another company leading us backwards in technology, thanks Verizon!

Maybe you should cut the pay of your CEOs and use that to hire more people to expand faster, obviously are are not fast enough. To me you are hypocritical, based on all your commercials on how fast you are etc.. but you restrict us and charge us more and more at every turn.

Someone needs to whip these cell and TV/Internet companies, and soon... funny how many other countries have systems that handle uncapped unlimited everything plans but we can't.. I know we have the capability, its just the companies are aware that people here are ignorant and they can get away with it. Offering us less and saving them even more money... Now is not the time to be trying to sqeeze the economy like these companies have been by restricting us and charging more.... but of course no one has what it takes to do anything about it do they??? Probably, but too lazy to do anything I guess...

Comment Sigh (Score 1) 103

Nice little gizmo I admit. Hope it turns out to actually be useful (or lead to something that is) For those who want to make a free energy device: You know people, science concluded a long time ago that you can not make more energy from nothing. If it was that simple it would have been done a long time ago. You imply that if I had lightbulb 1 and solar panel 1 in a room, then there was a wire running to another room running lightbulb 2 which shined on panel 2.. which in turn had a wire back to 1 that the energy created would be able to sustain enough power to keep each light running indefinately...... please dont say yes. It will not happen, Wires have resistance and lose energy, and solar panels are not 100% efficient at converting light to energy (nothing has a pure 100% conversion rate, light, heat, electrical, wind, etc..). If it is not 100% efficient then it will lose energy and eventually die, on top of that if it were 100% efficient you couldn't bebefit from it because all the energy involved would then be dedicated to keeping the system going, hence you would need a system that creates energy from nothing to even be slightly beneficial - impossible. I find that most people that seriously believe that it is possble are first semester college students or hippies that read one basic physics book and somehow missed the part above (or couldnt comprehend it).... and get wild impossible idea that thousands of scientits have already disproved. could we drop this idea and try something else less annoying? Maybe wait until a scientist (not you) discovers how to harness something like dark enery / dark matter - if it exists - and use it for energy.

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