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Comment Re:The statistics (Score 1) 934

Ok, here is my question.
I don't own a gun right now. If I get one, will the chance of death or injury (not just gun related) increase or decrease for me and my family?
Is this a good enough question?
I don't really care about being robbed. I don't own anything that can be easily taken from me and leave me ruined.

Comment This story sounds ridiculous (Score 2) 195

A compass, a paper map of Moscow and a flashlight? Is this all CIA has in its arsenal? O yeah, a semi-literate "recruitment letter".
Another detail that make it sound even more ridiculous: an FSB guy lecturing Fogle on Russian primetime news about how spying is bad. Looks like some really bad spy movie.
I think this story was created by FSB for consumption within Russia. It is possible they knew more about his activities, but they are not telling the interesting stuff and for some reason decided to disclose this "evidence" that makes people laugh.

Comment RPi has a sizeable niche (Score 1) 273

It makes sense to use RPi when you need ALL of these:
1. Linux toolchain and lots of available packages (open source)
2. Develop on the device itself
3. Once the application is ready, disconnect screen/keyboard and use remote SSH if necessary
4. Low cost

The cost of an USB IO expansion board is typically higher than RPi.

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