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Comment Re:LTE is coming - and it will smoke HSPA (And AT& (Score 1) 141

You've overhyping big time.

LTE dongles will not be commercially available in volume until 2010. Chipsets for LTE phones won't be available in volume until 2011 at best. Verizon will also be late, so the net of it is you won't see widespread coverage and widespread device availability until the 2011-2012 timeframe anyway. Verizon will be selling EV-DO phones, dongles and netbooks for several years to come, there is no "changeover from CDMA to GSM in 2010" in any way and their CDMA network is not going anywhere any time soon.

Furthermore, Verizon isn't "skipping" HSPA since there isn't an upgrade path for them unless they wanted to forklift upgrade their 1x/DO network to HSPA which is never going to happen. AT&T on the other hand has an easier upgrade path from HSPA to LTE since the HSPA packet core can be upgraded to support LTE so they are really just looking at a RAN upgrade.

The net of it is that you won't be doing much with LTE for 2-3 years, and while Verizon will undoubtedly be first to market with LTE in the US AT&T won't be terribly far behind.

Comment Re:"and it will be rolled out free of charge. " (Score 1) 170

Hate to break it to you buddy, but having to gather 10 other people of specific classes at the same contiguous timespan is not casual.

Is gathering 5 other people of specific classes for a contiguous timespan casual? You do realize we're discussing a multiplayer game, right?

ZA was getting cleared by trade-channel PuGs before too long. The instance was designed for casual players - the timed run for the warbear mount was thrown in as a bone for raiding guilds.

Comment Re:"and it will be rolled out free of charge. " (Score 5, Informative) 170

In the TBC cycle, off the top of my head, the following was added for "casuals":
- Netherwing quest hub
- Shatari Skyguard quest hub
- Ogri'la quest hub
- Zul'Aman 10-man raid and associated quests
- Sunwell Isle, including multiple quest hubs and a new 5-man instance
- Added a new quest hub in Dustwallow Marsh for people leveling new characters

They also progressively nerfed the crap out of the raid content to make it more accessible for casual players.

On top of that the vast majority of content in the TBC and WLK expansions is for "casuals". Look at the amount of quest content, the number of 5-man dungeons, new battlegrounds, etc. as compared to the amount of raid content.

If anything Blizzard is completely catering to the casual player.

Submission + - Security risks encircle Wi-Fi at RSA conference

Frosty Piss writes: "When top security gurus gathered in San Francisco last month for the RSA Conference, a Boston company decided to point its radar toward the airwaves and see how much of the show's wireless activity it could see. What they found was that many of these experts had not taken the basic precautions to protect their online activity while using public Wi-Fi. The Boston hackers could eavesdrop on more than half of the wireless traffic of conference attendees. Amit Sinha, chief technology officer of AirDefense found that 56 percent of 623 devices — laptops, cell phones, personal digital assistants and PCs — were susceptible to attacks. Read about it in the Seattle Post Intelligencer."

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