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Comment Apple's not cool anymore (Score 3, Insightful) 325

Apple's not cool anymore.

With their domination of the tablet market, the fanatical following of their phones, and the dominance of the portable music devices, not to mention their obsession with being cool; these factors can only lead me to one conclusion: Apple is not cool anymore.

Simply because its not cool to be part of the herd. And The Cult of the Fruit is one big herd.

Comment So? (Score 1) 107

So what?

You want to build an app for IOS, sell it for a buck or 5 and act like a pro.

If you want to give it away as portfolio material so someone might give you a job. The stop whining and spend the $100 as a cost of education. Maybe you'll get a job or maybe not. But its still a drop in the bucket compared to the amount of money you don't make by not having a job, or the amount of money you spend getting an education.

Comment Keep your work and personal shit separate (Score 1) 782

First keep your work and your personal shit separate.

Second, since they insist on having the ability to https, in reality they probably aren't the kind of people you want to be working for in the first place. So I would recommend leaving, because it reflects the nature of their character, as opposed to that being a specific behavior.

There may be specific instances where this may be acceptable; so this is only a general rule to go by.

Comment Get the resume out (Score 1) 266

Have him put together a resume and get it online, he should at least be able to get a contract job.

Then there's the big consulting firms like Accenture, they love guys with degrees other than CS.

And as others have said, network.

But do not take a job doing techsupport, it's a career limiting move and it won't actually be developing marketable job skills.

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