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Comment Re:New technology, old mindsets (Score 2) 559

I find it ridiculous that the "scientific" or perhaps even self-proclaimed "enlightened" mindset on Christianity is that it all boils down to the crusades. It is no different than saying since Hitler or Stalin were atheists that all atheism boils down to genocide and will for all time. (I know this is a repost... didn't realize I wasn't logged in)

Comment If you aren't paying for the product, you're it (Score 1) 168

This is obviously the case for the social media outlets that this bill would touch (Facebook, Google+, etc.). It'll just be interesting to see where the governmental shoe falls. I'm not hopeful, but I suppose it's possible that people will be given priority as being just that versus their current social media status of product.

Comment Virtue as escape from consequences? (Score 1) 569

It seems to me that this will have the effect to convince at least a subset of roughly high school aged children that they should accept no responsibility for their actions, especially as they relate to sex. I understand and agree with preventing disease, suffering, and death. To that end, no doubt this vaccine will be effective. I just wonder what you teach your child about virtue as a world where freedom from consequence whether natural or societal becomes more and more the highest good.

Comment Re:Strangely okay with this... (Score 1) 186

And how is preventing your children from being able to view pornographic content not parenting?

Because in this case it delegates the responsibility of what is and what is not porn to the filter providers, instead of being a conversation between parents & children.

I know, I know.. I'm old-fashioned. Now get off my lawn etc.

Old-fashioned because you only do one of two sensible things and act like a choice between the two is the only viable path? I don't think so. The idea that your child is capable of making adult decisions and in fact should be exposed to adult situations at extremely young ages is very new.

Comment Re:Strangely okay with this... (Score 1) 186

What kind of typo brings you to a porn website?

whitehouse.(choose carefully here)

however (having just thought of this point once clicking "submit") it would be far easier, and less expensive to just have the parents, um... parent.

And how is preventing your children from being able to view pornographic content not parenting?

Comment Re:No battery in I-PASS (Score 1) 475

I just wanted to note that long-range RFID (such as would be used in this type of application) does require the RFID chip to be powered. The ones that don't need a battery only work at very short ranges.

I have no expertise in RFID chips, but I'd be curious what defines "long range". According to this paper, a passive (non-powered) 15cm RFID antenna is effective at a range up to 4.9 meters (and I believe this number assumes a non-directional scanner). That is certainly less distance than is between the windshield and the readers above the road.

Can you provide more insight into how you are defining "long range" and "very short range"? It looks like modern RFID tech can passively be scanned up to 40 feet in "normal conditions", and I'd have to assume that interstate, windshield-mounted, directional travel is rather normal.

Comment No battery in I-PASS (Score 2, Informative) 475

The old models only have a battery because they beep and some (perhaps all) have a display showing your I-PASS balance. The newer models are entirely sealed, and do not require a battery because they work by RFID chips. This post is a bit ridiculous.

If you want the reasoning... go no farther than the I-PASS website (quoted below):

I have one of the old display model transponders that beeps. Can I keep replacing the battery instead of swapping it out for a new transponder?

These older model transponders need to be replaced to ensure customers continue to receive the benefits of I-PASS and avoid toll violations. The Tollway recommends that these transponders be replaced for two important reasons:

The older transponder model is no longer being manufactured and, therefore, is no longer certified by the manufacturer. Our testing has shown that the older transponder model does not perform as well as the new transponders on the new open road tolling system."

Comment Re:Less radical solution = better (Score 1) 309

Not sure if it's a security setting, but I can't get that site to load the plugin in IE, period. On my corporate intranet, we have a back end remote management item for all the computers on the domain that is jave-based. No matter how I set the add-on settings for java, the applet loads right up. Restart included.

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