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Comment Re:Who's being punished here? (Score 1) 275

Yeah - you've got to feel sorry for those poor probation officers. If they are really unlucky Mr Soloway will visit /. every couple of hours and they will end up having to read through every single post on every thread (reading at -1 - aagh) just to check he's not doing anything wrong. They'll be jacking their jobs in within a week.

Comment I'm surprised (Score 1) 139

Well, I am. I'm surprised that those who spent the time staring into a mirror didn't have lowered self-esteem. Haven't we recently discussed cameras that make people better-looking because 90% of people don't like the way they look?

Mind you, if you'd put me in this study I'd have had a cat-nap. It's amazing how much better that can make you feel about things.

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