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Comment Re:Non story here. (Score 2) 798

Ha, in these parts (Ireland) one clause of the contract used to be that they could change the contract whenever they liked without your agreement, so increase prices and add charges as it suited them. Yes, really, I took Vodafone to task over it with ComReg. I'm not sure if it's changed now though, crazy situation. They'll try anything if you let them.

Comment Re:My Theory (Score 5, Insightful) 264

What upsets me most personally about the United States is that we've developed a culture where doing the right thing is NEVER rewarded and doing the WRONG thing usually is. We've got a political culture right now where a politician MUST be a huxster or they can't compete.

What on earth makes you think that's unique to the US?

Comment Re:Sensational indeed (Score 4, Interesting) 417

Yeah what defines an invention in the eyes of some of the media differs considerably from invention really is - a slow, incremental process of discovery. When these guys think of an inventor they see Doc Brown, not teams of researchers, scientists, and engineers working for decades. Battery life is another one, it has been increasing steadily year on year, but because manufacturers use these advances to put smaller and slimmer batteries into phones, some people think batteries haven't improved at all, or have somehow gotten worse.

Comment Is it true (Score 4, Funny) 386

Is it true that your organisation is a front to attract the mystically endowed and drain them of their powers to feed the unholy appetites of a cabal of dark theurgists and further their quest to challenge the illuminati for control of the mortal world, leading ultimately to human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, and mass hysteria?

Comment Re:The Micks will be disappointed (Score 1) 104

Oh really? Try this one on for size: "The blacks will be disappointed when they realise they are not making KFC"
All of a sudden it's shocking and racist. And yet the Irish have been subjected to as much if not more horrific slavery (about a third of the country enslaved and sent to Jamaica to work in the plantations, being buried where they dropped in the fields), attempted genocides and deliberate destruction throughout their history than any African nation. At the tail end of which we have Chrisq and his paddy joke. Anyone who thinks that's funny needs their head examined.

Comment Re:well, good. (Score 2) 104

What bollocks. Ryanair is one of the better known success stories, but it is far from alone. The problem with Ireland is there's no money and a bizarre distaste in the public sector for local entrepreneurs (ie the self employed can't claim any social support, making starting your own business a seriously risky proposal and not something anyone with dependents should consider), not a lack of local talent.

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