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Comment Re:Meh.... (Score 2) 208

I wonder if the music executives pick the music that made superhits some 30 or 40 years ago, dress it up using modern arrangements, and disguise it well, but use the same foundation melody, scale and rhythm and try to create new hits.

I'd argue that today the execs pick the gimmick first before anything else. The quality of the music's far down the list. Pop music's always been a little bit about style over substance but acts like Lady GagMe epitomize it. Back to Sid Meier.... I haven't played the original Civ for more than a decade but I sure did when it first came out. Folks who weren't around yet or are too young to remember don't realize what an impact it had.

Comment Angry (Score 5, Insightful) 167

It really makes me angry that we as a society have tolerated the creep of this surveillance society for so long like frogs in a pot while the temperature rises to boiling. You can argue that technology made it inevitable, and you're right, it's probably too late now to get the genie back in the bottle. No one knows history. Few people have actually read "1984". There should've been laws against this passed two decades ago, but noooo, it was sold to us as security, and people will fall over themselves to trade freedom for that.

Comment Re:Google has a problem. (Score 1) 226

I don't see how Google can lose, in light of how MS seems to be hell-bent on killing itself with the atrocious Windows H8. What Google's doing is actually innovating. Yeah, it's a playground for a couple of geek billionaires. I don't see that as a bad thing at all. You can argue persuasively that the company has jumped the shark and is no longer "doing no evil," but they're investing big bucks into pure research. Once in a while they come up with the (tm)Next Big Thing, like Android, and they make a killing. Meanwhile, Ballmer throws chairs and tries to *copy* Android smartphones even on the Windows desktop.

Comment Re:Working Bluetooth would help a bit. (Score 1) 286

My car is apparently too noisy, because I've never gotten voice dialing to work right either. Once a call is established though, I defy anyone to show a material difference between the driving skills of someone using a BT earpiece and someone chatting with a passenger. Texting madly with both thumbs, dividing your eyes between the screen and the road is just plain stupid though.

Submission + - Red Hat confirms GNOME Classic Mode for RHEL 7

An anonymous reader writes: The H-Online is reporting that the upcoming RHEL 7 will use GNOME Classic Mode over Gnome Shell as its Default Desktop GUI. Speaking to TechTarget ahead of the 2013 Red Hat Summit, Red Hat engineering director Denise Dumas said this regarding the decision: "I think it's been hard for the Gnome guys, because they really, really love modern mode, because that's where their hearts are." She added that the same team had "done a great job putting together classic mode" and that it was eventually decided to use it in favour of the more radical modern interface to spare customers the effort of relearning their way around the desktop again.

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