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Comment Re:Who's technically literate at PC-Pro? (Score 1) 702

They were, to their fault, trying to install some Adobe-thing, in order to run their favourite Twitter client, instead of going with something in the repositories. Would have been nice if they had taken a few minutes to find an alternative instead, since they later do go on about alternatives to other typical Win-apps...

Comment Re:Who's technically literate at PC-Pro? (Score 1) 702

Being a Linux geek type, I'd look at cooking first, my guess would be you can't even put together a simple meal, much less bake yourself a loaf of bread, something that would be required to be considered "literate" at food preparation.

Now, there's a deeply entrenched stereotype for you. Living alone, I don't do much cooking (or, hence, eating), but when I can ass myself into it, I do make a rather nice chicken in white wine of my own, or *find and follow a recipe* (!)

I'd agree that the normal user shouldn't normally see a cli interface, but failing to be able to copy and paste a few commands into one, with amble description of the process, progress and expected results, I'd take on your comparison, and say that's equivalent to looking in your Home Eq book, looking at the pot, the faucet, the stove, the eggs and then order out.

Granted, people as a whole have been cooking for a longer time than they have been using computers, but I will say that it's the fear, more than the required intellect, that's the problem. It still is a problem, though :-(

Comment License issues abroad (Score 1) 489

I do happen to know for a fact, that if you posses a device capable of receiving radio here in Denmark - you are required to pay a rather steep license fee to DR (Danmarks Radio - Danish Radio), the official public radio and TV of Denmark. It is increasingly difficult to avoid paying license, since now, even an internet connection faster than 384kB/s make you eligible (for internet radio and TV). However, I have dodged it so far, by uninstalling the relevant codecs as well as using an old mobile phone without net, and confirmed with the bureau that it voids my eligibility. Seems these kinds of shenanigans would just make my life a bit harder if applied to other devices, since I assume manufacturers would likely push these devices to the overseas markets as well...

Thank you ever so much :-(

Comment Donated to science (Score 1) 793

I know that I will be quite indifferent to the disposal, once it is to be effected, but I guess that the ones left behind would like some notion of what would be "in my spirit". As a natural consequence, though, if they opt for a spot in a cemetery somewhere, I won't be around to argue.

In any event, though, I have registered myself as an organ donor with no other consent required, so whatever it turns out to be, it will be after harvesting my organs, if they are still of any value...

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