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Comment Better methods (Score 1) 369

Part of the reason for this is probably that p2p services have declined in quality with more spam on gnutella than ever and the younger ones who would do the p2p'ing not knowing how to use torrents (i've tried to help people use them often and for some reason they get confused about it) additionally, streaming services cut it for alot of people specially with the advent of apps like pandora. I personally replaced limewire with firefox+media download addon+grooveshark/similar sites. The download speed from such places is often far faster than p2p

Comment Possibility.. (Score 2) 69

This might also have been a good decision money-wise if someone else had found the bug but decided to save it for the pwn2own contest. Instead of risking getting $0 by being beat by someone else, he got a still respectable $1,337 relatively stress-free. (Note, I have no idea how small the chance that someone else had actually found the same bug and decided to save it for the contest is)


Submission + - Euopean Customs to Seize PS3 Shipments (

OopsIDied writes: After complaining to the ITC that Sony was infringing on some of its patents (, LG has had an injunction in Europe approved. This orders customs officers in the UK and the rest of England to confiscate PS3 systems being imported. In the Netherlands alone, over 10,000 PS3s have already been confiscated, and Sony is fighting to have the order repealed as the PS3 supply in Europe decreases.

Submission + - Sony Updates ToS for PS3 ( 4

OopsIDied writes: Sony has updated their ToS/Service Agreement to include permission to "monitor and record your activities and communications." Accepting these new terms is required in order to use the Playstation Network which is necessary for a wide variety of PS3 activities.

Submission + - George Hotz aka 'geohot' sued by Sony (

OopsIDied writes: geohot, well-known for his iphone jailbreak and work opening the PS3 to homebrew is now being sued by Sony. Members of failoverfl0w, a group that recently uncovered major security flaws in the PS3, has also been sued by Sony. The company claims that geohot tried to extort a job from them by releasing the key, and that he made profit from his circumvention of the PlayStation's security model. The court documents given to geohot can be found at his website:

Submission + - Sony files lawsuit aginst Mr. George Hotz! (

Kayot writes: George Hotz or as he is known on the internet, Geohot has been served court papers. Shorty after Team fail0verflow discovered faults in the PS3's TPM's, Geohot and others figured out how to extract the long sought after holy grail encryption keys. Apparently Sony is not pleased and is very keen on defending their poorly defended system with the U.S. legal system. The basis is that Geohot released programs that allow the signing of homebrew which can be used to make PSN like games out of normal PS3 games. However Geohot has never supported any form of piracy and in fact has taken a constant stance against it. Leaving many to wonder, just what is Sony planning.

Additional documentaion

Source Site:

Comment Re:It doesnt take 2 brain cells ..... (Score 1) 422

Well part of the appeal of consoles is that you don't have to worry about minimum requirements or having to install special packages etc to play. just pop in the disc and go. Your suggestion would make a console about as desirable as a PC in that case if you'd have to upgrade every now and then. Also, developers would have to decide what hardware configuration to support, and that would still result in some increased development time, and it'd be quite a hassle for consumers if developers decided to develop only for the newest GPU/CPU combo for some reason.

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