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Comment Doesn't Anyone Notice Something Strange Here? (Score 2) 835

The info released isn't funny in any obvious context. The press release is certainly not funny and doesn't even try to be. The ASCII gun graphic and the content of the information and press release look like classic anarchist material. Not sure if it's intentional or what but none of this seems directly connected to the personality on Twitter.

Maybe this is the result of the Anonymous/Lulzsec partnership. Maybe Lulzsec is under new management. Maybe the false flag operation has kicked into high gear.

Something has changed. You can tell by the dejavu.

Comment Re:Prior art: Jeff Han multi touch demo at TED, 20 (Score 1) 310

I'm pretty sure that Perceptive Pixels/Jeff's patents are for their hardware know..something actually appropriate to patent. I work with their machines quite a lot and the magic is mostly in the hardware as I understand it. They do play their cards close to their chest though so one can never be sure.

Comment Re:Mod me down, but... (Score 1) 310

Um....the iOS gestural interface is the very definition of derivative and obvious.

We need a gesture for navigating to the next page! How about swiping the screen like when you go to the next page like in a book? Wow...How did you come up with that?

The interface is primarily derived from manipulating tangible objects in the real-world. How much more derivative can one get?

Comment Re:This is why we need to pay for journalism (Score 1) 199

Pro-Publica is a new and viable model for non-profit investigative journalism. They constantly impress me (take a look at their awards) and put most other news orgs to shame. If only other public media orgs would take notice and stop being such MSM wannbes. I'm looking at you NPR.

Comment Re:That's all it does? (Score 1) 99

If you know how the unit/compositing setup works you can implement all kinds of additional software layers that will do just that. I have a Kinect interacting with Resolume 3 right next to me at the moment that I'm testing. My biggest issue at the moment is actually TUIOKinect being an asshole...everything else works great.

Comment Re:Meta-Google Ad Commentary Alert! (Score 1) 300

Do your illegal malware-infected centrifuges got you down?

Meet a new sexy friend on while you take a load off in one of your mortal enemy's best hotels! While you're there you can get a new and improved Siemens SmartSCADA system for next to nothing! You can even reinfect it again with all-new driverless USB thumb drives!

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