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Comment OT got the wierdest cell phone cold call yesterday (Score 2, Interesting) 124

So, went on an eclipse mini-vacation and I guess drove near the vicinity of a some trigger point. The caller was asking for another name, but still proceeded to sell me a pitch for a vacation spot I had "driven past." Now, was it my credit card company, the cell phone company, or the data-only account on my tablet who was responsible for leaking my location in real time to a vendor?

Comment Don't agree with the one-per-planet notion (Score 1) 435

The atmosphere was different during the time of the dinosaurs. Maybe a raptor-decented intelligent race could have appeared ina few millions years if the meteor hadn't hit? I just think that it's impossible for one intelligent race to ruin a planet for other species to emerge. There could be some new species that emerges post-humans that will like the hot, CO2-rich, irradiated cinder we leave behind?

Comment Re:Nothing new under the sun (Score 1) 245

Absolutely disagree. There are lots of great scripts out there, but Hollywood is run by accountants now. The reason they keep recycling old hits is because they think there's a baked in market. There's a baked in comic movie fanbase who'll go watch any shitstorm Marvel churns out regardless of the ratings, they'll tell us how great it was until the slow realization that it sucked sinks in right aroudn the time the next promo starts airing.

Comment Re:I don't like Trump, but (Score 1) 463

As well it should remind you, as Scaramucci is the Italian form of Scaramouch as mentioned in Bohemian Rhapsody, and that's the only reference in popular American culture.

Very wrong. There was a movie called Scaramouche which I'm assuming the song references. It has what's arguably considered the greatest swordplay in American cinema.

Comment Re:Then stop artificially blocking VPN... (Score 3, Interesting) 86

This is interesting. I've got an older one and there's no way I would even configure it for wifi. I have a house full of devices demanding internet access for no good reason; none of them get it. I learned my lesson when my DVD player asked for wifi credentials to "auto-update firmware" and all it did was run slower then spam me with ads every time I wanted to watch a movie.

Comment I don't understand the outrage (Score 4, Interesting) 517

I can't stand Trump, think he's already the worst President in our history, but I have no problems with this decision. I'm an army brat, I was in ROTC, went to basic, had all the training to be a military officer (just never signed up), and I know 1st hand and personally of people being either kicked out or prohibited from joining for all kinds of medical issues, some of them ancient history, some of their mildly debilitation. The idea that someone is going to physically alter their body in extremely intrusive fashion that requires all kinds of lifetime medical and even surgical regimens to maintain them and the military is supposed to 1.) pay for it 2.) make concessions for the other commitments to that surgery; is a real head scratcher.

My only problem is Trump obviously did it as another one of his twitter shiny bauble, public debate distractions.

Comment Security Researcher? (Score 1) 295

I haven't been on Slashdot much lately, but is that the new euphemism for hacking?

The simple rule is don't poke around someone else's defenses and then get mad when they treat you as a threat. How would you feel if someone told you "Hey, I've been trying to break into your house lately and just realized your bedroom window is unlocked!" ?

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