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Comment Haha awesome logic (Score 1) 750

I like it, from this day forward, I will stick with the unknowns I currently don't know, rather than the unknowns I could potentially not know.

I mean, better the devil you don't know now, than the devil you might not know when and if something happens, that's the saying right?

My stomach hurts, I don't know how serious it is but I won't fix it though, because fixing it could lead to other problems.

Something of my code doesn't work as expected, hell, at least I know what might go wrong instead of all the possible wrongs I could meet from fixing it.

Hell, i can't believe I've been living my life so wrecklessly!

Comment PHP security object (Score 1) 267

I create a security object that stores $_GET and $_POST as arrays and escapes all the contained details, once this is done i blitz both $_GET and $_POST so they cant accidentally be called within the programme.

From this point to call a get variable you need to call $security->get('name');

This object also checks for dodgy content like scripts and the like and further down the line, each input is checked for proper formatting.

Im wondering though, what else should I be doing?

Comment Credit roll (Score 3, Insightful) 190

Whatever happens, even if they stop doing it right now... I could be playing and finishing games 50 years from now and I will still wait for the credits to finish rolling on the off chance there is something at the end. I will no doubt get that awkward, "so.... do I turn the console off now then or?" feeling as well.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Upgrading an Aging Linux Server

An anonymous reader writes: My company has been using an aging, unmaintained Linux server for years and I've been given the lovely task of updating it. Our server is based on Fedora Core 3. The server is not mission critical, so doing an over-night upgrade is not out of the question, but we do have several tens-of-gigabytes of data to carry over, aside from service configurations. Undoubtedly, there are several security holes in the aging versions of the services that we're running, including OpenSSH, Apache, PostgreSQL, MySQL, PureFTP, OpenVPN, SVN, CVS, and Jabber. Since FC3 has long been unsupported, most online sources suggest a clean install rather than trying a brute-force yum upgrade. So I'm left with several options. Should I choose a different distro? If so, can the Slashdot community recommend one that is both relatively painless to maintain and upgrade? Should I look into virtualization? Has anyone else in the Slashdot community been faced with a similar issue?

Submission + - Password protected emails 1

DeanLearner writes: I've been asked to look into whether it's possible to password protect an email so that a password has to be entered to read the content. Ideally, the recipient (members of the public; so varying computer skills) will not have to modify their email client at all to perform this.

The most popular solution googling seems to show is, attach a password protected document and go from there, but I'd like to avoid this as it relies on the recipient having certain document reading software.

My suggested solution was to email them a link to our website, once the password (which is told over the phone) is correctly entered, the message is shown. But the powers that be are keen to avoid this if possible.

Personally, I can't see anything easier/quicker than my solution, but if anyone out there thinks otherwise, please let me know.

Comment Maybe it's just me? (Score 1) 301

isn't this just a case of the executives saying "tell me stuff." in as vague a way as that? It sounds like I am employed in a similar way to you, but when I was asked this type of request I basically dismissed it. Maybe it's just me, but it seems kind of rude for someone to ask such a vague question. Soon after I started I had an exchange that was kind of like this.. Hi, we want reports that show which employees are good. How do you measure good? Well, employees that start work on time and are efficient with their calls. How do you measure call efficiency? blah blah blah. This went on until the person I was working with was specific about each measure. That's how things go now.

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