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Comment The throw away computer (Score 3, Interesting) 329

The price of computers coming down is definitely a good thing and making them easier to recycle is great. Unfortunately there is growing trend of waste due to these cheap computers. As a consumer desktop technician I would see people replacing perfectly good hardware due to software issues. They are just so cheap and labor can be be pretty expensive, that it would be stupid to do anything else. The con is that a lot of cheap computers are going to the dump. Things would be perfect if people could learn the basics. Something as basic as backing up files and reinstalling the OS is beyond the scope of most consumers.

Comment A foot in the grave but not dead (Score 5, Interesting) 140

Sony is shutting down half the servers. One half, leaving approximately one other half. This is actually good for everybody. The remaining players will actually get to play with other people, the whole point of MMOs I'm told. In addition Sony gets to spend less money supporting the game which is good for them. Oh yeah, we get to rail on Galaxies. That's good too.

Submission + - nVidia GT300 First Silicon Yields Under 2% (

RoFLKOPTr writes: Several experts in semiconductor engineering, some who have overseen similar chips, were asked a couple of loaded questions: What is good yield for first silicon? What is good yield for a complex chip on a relatively new process? The answers ranged from a high of 50% to a low of 20% with a bunch of others clustered in the 30% range. Let's just call it one-third, plus or minus some. The first hot lot of GT300s have 104 die candidates per wafer, with four wafers in the pod Nvidia got back a week and a half ago. There is another pod of four due back any day now, and that's it for the hot lots. How many worked out of the (4 x 104) 416 candidates? Try 7. Yes, Northwood was hopelessly optimistic — Nvidia got only 7 chips back. Let me repeat that, out of 416 tries, it got 7 'good' chips back from the fab. Oh how it must yearn for the low estimate of 20%, talk about botched execution. To save you from having to find a calculator, that is (7 / 416 = .01682), rounded up, 1.7% yield.

Comment Easy export, easier import (Score 1) 167

Google is pretty keen on staying on the good side of the industry, but there is another aspect to consider. By focusing on making the data mobile you can go both ways. A modular and standardized method of storing data makes it easier for people to move over to google as well as move out. I could even see some sort of service for migrating data between different services come out of this group.

Comment Re:Plot... I will miss you (Score 2, Informative) 236

I agree that there have always been games that do focus on game play and leave out plot. I also agree that there are some very good games out there that do have amazing stories and writing. What I am seeing is a general trend away from those things. The best games will have everything, but the way I see it, games like Mass Effect and Bioshock are a dying breed. I loved the plots and characters in those games but I feel if the stories had been so so, they still would have been successful. I can't predict the future, but I think these games are on the way out.

Comment Plot... I will miss you (Score 1) 236

I can really appreciate the technology that has evolved to make modern games what they are. It has changed the way we play games, but at a cost. I miss the old days of 70+ hours of a great story. You just can't do that any more. Good writing just doesn't pay off any more. Back in the days of lousy graphics and limited features, a story had to draw you in. Now there are so many other components that a good story isn't important. I am no exception. I used to tolerate a whole lot to get to the juicy ending, but now if the game doesn't hold me with other aspects, I end up ditching it. Likewise, if a game has quality visuals and novel game play, I won't care that the writing is crap. Oh the old day. Oh by the way, I also used to haul rocks to school in the snow uphill both ways.

Comment Stupid people use linux too (Score 5, Insightful) 254

We can blame our hate pet OS for all of the internet evil out there, but we need to remember one important thing: people are almost always the week link in security. If someone knows what they are doing, it is very hard to penetrate a linux server... or a windows server. There will always be those that can break through the best security, but there is a lot of low hanging fruit and not just on the windows tree.

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